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Hydraulic shop press, H-frame presses and C-frame presses

Machinery Values sells a variety of hydraulic shop press equipment including H-frame presses, C-frame presses, press brakes and hydraulic shears.

The hydraulic equipment that we retail come equipped with all the features and functionalities that are essential to the experienced operator, yet they are straightforward enough for the less experienced hydraulic shop press operator.

Machinery Values hydraulic presses use Pascal’s principle which states that pressure within a closed system is constant. Thanks to a hydraulic cylinder that is used to produce a compressive force, the hydraulic press is capable of producing a force necessary to transform metals into various shapes and sizes.

At Machinery Values, by customizing our hydraulic presses to match your manufacturing requirements, you are guaranteed that the H-frame press, C-frame press, hydraulic shear or hydraulic press brake that you purchase will correspond to your exact needs and specifications.

H Frame Press
Available in models ranging from 50 tons to 350 tons with some offered with extra wide beds. All our H-frame presses come standard with the following exceptional features:

- A low pressure hydraulic system that keeps oil temperatures low; resulting in a more efficient and safe operation.

- Large bore cylinders that produce 3,800 P.S.I. maximum pressures; lower pressure equals less heat, increased efficiency and reduced risk of accidents. For the most part, other H-frame presses are assembled with small bore cylinders that average 10,000 P.S.I. operating pressure.

- All hydraulic and mechanical parts are standard in the industry and are readily available anywhere in North America.

H Frame / Broach Press
Pressmaster is proud to offer our combination hydraulic press. Combining our powerful H Frame Hydraulic Press with the precision and added capabilities of a Broach Press gives our customers the convenience and economic benefits of purchasing a 2 in 1 press.

Roll-In Table Hydraulic Press

C Frame Press
Available in 20 ton or 50 ton models, our C-frame presses offer dual controls that allow hydraulic operators to choose from a foot pedal or a moveable pedestal that comes with dual electric palm buttons and an additional emergency stop button.

To view the wide range of standard features on the C-frame press, please review the specs sheet.

Straightening Press
They are built to straighten just about anything in your machine shop. Experienced operators appreciate the range of features they can use to get the job done. Newer workers will have no trouble picking up the finer points of the press. The press has advanced features combined with simple to learn controls.

Gantry Straightening Press

Forklift Tire Press
The best hydraulic forklift tire press available in North America. Pressmaster’s hydraulic forklift tire press will keep your operations up and running without delay. Our hydraulic presses are safe and easy to use, and come at competitive prices.

Specialty Hydraulic Presses
Specialty Hydraulic Presses