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3 Benefits of a Customized Hydraulic Press

April 4, 2022

If you run a machine shop, you already know the many advantages of using a hydraulic press. Compared to a mechanical press, it is more cost-effective, with a larger capacity and more flexibility.

But are you aware that you can order a customized hydraulic power press, resulting in even greater versatility? Most profitable shops tend to serve a certain industrial niche. When you invest in a press that has been tailored exactly to the needs of your customers, you can produce more work, more reliably, meeting exact specifications with ease.

Here is a closer look at how a customized hydraulic power press can be your best machinery investment.

Produce Work for Specialty Clients

Have you been offered steady work by a reliable client with very particular specifications? This type of job can be a real advantage for a machine shop with gaps in its schedule. It can provide regular work and a boost for your bottom line.

But many times standard presses aren’t the right design or can’t take specific types of materials or shapes and sizes. If the work pays well and will be needed for a guaranteed amount of time, it makes sense to have a standard press customized to meet the specific demands of your client.

Handle Different Types of Materials

Has a regular client asked you if you can handle a type of material that is new to the shop? This can treated either as a problem or an opportunity for your business. Whether or not you can do the project often depends on the size, texture, and shape of the material used. Not all standard presses can do certain jobs. To keep a good customer happy, it is often worthwhile to invest in a customized hydraulic power press.

You benefit two ways when you get a machine tailored to specific needs. First, you keep the work for your client in your own shop, so he doesn’t have to farm it out to a competitor. Second, you now have the capacity to handle a new type of project. This can open up new markets for a machine shop.


Get the Job Done Reliably and Quickly

Custom modifications can transform a hydraulic press. A standard press might need constant tweaks in order to finish specific jobs. You might need to add two or three extra steps to finish it correctly. This takes time and adds to the labor cost.

By getting the press customized, you can get the job done more efficiently, in less time and with less shop effort. In many cases, it reduces material waste too.


Work with the Hydraulic Press Experts

For over four decades, Press Master has been helping machine shop owners just like you find the perfect hydraulic press. Family-owned and operated, we stand behind each of our machines. You can visit us at our facility--all 200,000 square feet of it—in Harrison, NJ.

For more than 40 years we have been selling H-frame and C-frame presses, as well as press brakes and hydraulic shears. We distribute the superior hydraulic presses, all made in North America.

When you succeed, we succeed. We know that your hydraulic press must meet the exact needs of your customers. That’s why our presses come with a wide range of standard features. We also offer a variety of options for each press.

Often the best approach is a customized hydraulic power press. We are experts in tailoring the equipment you buy from Press Master to your specific needs. Our designers and technicians will work closely with you. The result is a press that produces the work your customers demand, reliably and affordably.

Each hydraulic press we sell can be modified to suit your specifications. We can also build a press from scratch with the precise capabilities and specifications for any project.

Have questions about how a hydraulic press can be customized to your exact requirements? Call the team here at Press Master today. We are happy to answer all of your questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote.