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Combination Hydraulic Press—H Frame/Broach Press

Looking for Combination Hydraulic Press?

Pressmaster is proud to offer our combination hydraulic press. Combining our powerful H Frame Hydraulic Press with the precision and added capabilities of a Broach Press gives our customers the convenience and economic benefits of purchasing a 2 in 1 press.
Keep your machining operations simple!  Using machines with combined functions allows you to perform more tasks in less time, using less floor space and with less effort for the operator. Keeping a work piece in one place for multiple modifications allows for faster deliveries of your finished product.

The Best Prices You’ll Find

Pressmaster offers exceptional hydraulic press products at the best rates in North America. We make a point of keeping our prices competitive to offer our customers the best hydraulic press equipment at the best possible prices. The added bonus on this particular combination hydraulic press is the cost savings of purchasing two machines in one. Our H Frame Broach Press gives you two hydraulic presses for the price of one!

Standard Features on our H-Frame Hydraulic Presses:

•    Low pressure hydraulic system runs at lower temperatures and pressures
•    Powered and moveable work head for off-centre jobs
•    Self-locking worktable eliminates lateral movement
•    Consistent, smooth electric hydraulic operation
•    High capacity 15 gallon oil reservoir
•    Open sides for long or wide jobs
•    Highly adaptable flat ram nose
•    Fingertip cylinder activation
•    Low-speed Baldor motor
•    Quiet, low-speed pump
•    Hydraulic power lift
•    Pressure regulator

Standard Features on our 12 Ton Broach Press:

•    Ram speed control
•    18 Inch stroke cylinder
•    24 Inch stroke cylinder
•    Ram pressure regulator

Optional Features:

•    Matched pair of V Blocks
•    Front operator safety guard
•    Foot pedal for hands free operation
•    10HP 230 Volts 1 Phase 41 Amps


Safe, User Friendly Design

Our hydraulic H Frame Broach Press is designed with the user in mind. Both experienced users and first-time users will be able to safely operate our hydraulic presses with some basic training. Keeping in mind safety, we have built in a number of security features and you can also purchase optional foot pedals and guards.

Made Here in North America

Each and every one of Pressmaster’s hydraulic presses is manufactured here in North America. We believe in keeping business here in N.A.  and by doing so we can provide our customers with exceptional products, prices and customized hydraulic presses. If you need to contact us, we’re available and ready to help!

Our local representatives can quickly assess your hydraulic press needs to build a completely customized hydraulic press to fit the exact specifications of your operation. Should you have a problem or require replacement parts, because we are based in North America, we are able to quickly respond so you aren’t left waiting for weeks incurring costly down-time in your shop. All of our hydraulic presses are built using standard parts easily found at any hydraulic shop in North America.