Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

Straightening Press from Pressmaster

Designed for Machine Shops

The PressMaster’s line of hydraulic straightening presses is geared to worker comfort. The pedestal height is adjustable, letting each worker set it to fit his needs. This reduces his level of fatigue, one of the prime causes of accidents and employee injury.

Saves Money

The press is made for flexibility. The operator can easily make adjustments while he is working with the material. These subtle alterations keep the job running smoothly.

You lose less time to botched jobs, saving material costs and labor. And your customers get their jobs on time.


Each model in the line uses parts that are industry standard and made to fit accepted specifications. They are manufactured and assembled in North America. Consistent, smooth pressing action is ensured by the electric-hydraulic operation.

Here is a list of features you can depend on:

  • Flat ram nose that can be easily adapted or changed
  • Lower oil temperature
  • Fingertip control of cylinder activation
  • Low hydraulic system pressures
  • Pressure regulator to limit the ram pressure
  • Low speed pump
  • Low speed Baldor motor
  • 40 gallon reservoir for hydraulic oil
  • Optional hands-free operation with a foot pedal electric solenoid valve
  • Optional stroke control that is adjustable

With a hydraulic straightening press from PressMaster, you are able to accept a greater variety of jobs. You can easily work on a wide range of materials, and perform functions beyond straightening, like extracting and assembling.

Invest in the comfort of your workers, in the versatility of your shop and in your bottom line. Take a look at the full line of PressMaster's hydraulic straightening presses.