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3 Signs that You Need a New Hydraulic Press

August 1, 2022

Machine shop owner choose hydraulic presses because they last so long. With consistent preventive maintenance and regular inspections, these workhorses last for years and years. But over time, wear and tear takes its toll. Even with excellent maintenance, your press will eventually wear out.

Here are 3 surefire indicators that you need to invest in a new hydraulic press.


Hydraulic Pressure Problems

Presses need the right pressure to ensure efficient operation. Do you notice that the pressure builds more slowly or doesn’t reach the proper amount at all? It could be trouble with the motor, valves or pump.

Before pricing a new press, check the pump. Sometimes you can replace it and get your machine back into good working condition.

Cracks in the Frame

During your regular inspections, have you noticed small cracks developing in the frame? The crack might look insignificant, but keep your eye on it.

Any structural issue in a piece of equipment that gets such strenuous use is serious. Eventually your press will need replacing. If the crack is big and noticeable, it’s a good idea to start looking now at new presses.

To keep the press working meantime, you can try to weld the frame. Be aware this is only a temporary fix.


Electrical and Hydraulic Trouble,

Keep an eye out for small changes in how your hydraulic press runs. Intermittent hiccups interfering with the smooth operation of your press are often caused by electrical problems. Check these areas:

  • Inspect the wires to ensure they are tight
  • Be sure there are ferrules on wire ends to stop cross contact between electrical pieces

If you have an older press, you may not be able to find the proper parts to fix electrical or hydraulic problems. Outdated components are often not easy to come by or are simply no longer available from suppliers.

A hydraulic press with outdated parts can lead to frustrating periods of downtime, while you try to locate the proper component. It can be more cost-effective to get a new press rather than dealing with the time and money involved in keeping an old press working.

Pay Attention to Press Problems

As your press ages, you’ll have more and more problems. Gradual wear and tear is natural.

What you don’t want to do is ignore problems as they occur. It will affect the quality of the job you produce, it will take longer to get jobs done, and you’ll experience more downtime. Your press will also deteriorate more rapidly.

Get problems fixed in a timely manner. Stay consistent with inspections and scheduled maintenance. This will ensure that your press stays operational and efficient for as long as possible.

When you experience downtime and repairs repeatedly, consider investing in a new press. It can save your shop time, money and customer goodwill.

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