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4-Post Hydraulic press from PressMaster

August 30, 2019
Avoid downtime and wasted money at your machine shop. Choose the best 4-post hydraulic press available, the model made by the experienced craftspeople at PressMaster. These presses are made to meet the wide variety of procedures required in a modern machine shop.
They are versatile, reliable and durable. They keep the work flowing, produce quality results and keep downtime to a minimum.
Here is a look at how the PressMaster model can ensure reliable uptime and provide the features you need to get the job done day after day.
Durable 4-post hydraulic press
From design through manufacture, PressMaster hydraulic presses are made for years of dependable use on all types of jobs. They are designed with features that make them useful in a wide range of projects. The 4-post hydraulic press comes standard with: 
  • Cutting-edge programmable control system
  • Industrial strength, air-cooled oil cooler
  • Reversal switch for pressure
  • Speed control that is adjustable
Because PressMaster products are manufactured using the highest quality components, its presses ensure safety for workers and fast, reliable workflow. Buying a superior 4-post hydraulic press means you can consistently produce high quality jobs for your customers. With routine maintenance, these presses keep working for years.
Dependable 4-post hydraulic press
Your need to count on your hydraulic press performing at peak capacity on a daily basis. PressMaster hydraulic presses are industry leaders in delivering presses that perform at the highest level year after year.
Reliability is built in to each 4-post press. It has an effective design for ram travel that uses four chromed rods and press construction that prevents frame-flex issues. The special design additions make platen parallelism difficulties a thing of the past.
The result is reduced downtime, more dependable workflow, happier customers, more referrals and a healthier bottom line for your business.
Many shops choose 4-post hydraulic presses for flatbed tooling, in addition to other routine machining processes. When you choose PressMaster, you are assured of: 
  • Safer regulation of pressure
  • Stroke control that can be modified
  • Jog mode to make many procedures easier
Operator safety and ergonomic comfort are prime considerations in the design and construction of all PressMaster presses. That’s why it offers: 
  • Dual palm control buttons in a moveable pedestal-style
  • Additional emergency stop button
  • Foot pedal for safe and easy operation
Each 4-post hydraulic press made by PressMaster has an interchangeable platen table. Solid power is guaranteed with the Baldor motor, which provides up to 50 tons of pressure for all types of machining applications.
Since every job is different and requires its own specifications, your press must be versatile enough to meet all types of tooling and machining needs. That’s what you get when you choose a PressMaster 4-post hydraulic press, made with versatility and flexibility in mind.
Buy from PressMaster
Buy from an industry leader. PressMaster has decades of experience in the design and manufacture of 4-post hydraulic presses that meet and exceeds the demands of today’s busy machine shop.

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