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4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Mechanical Press Operations to Hydraulic

October 29, 2020

Is you old machine shop equipment costing you money? In an effort to minimize expenditures, owners often choose to stay with the mechanical press machinery they already have in the shop. But there is a cost that comes with not upgrading to hydraulic presses.

With older presses, you are not taking advantage of new technology, compact design, versatility and time saving operations.

Here is a look at four good reasons to upgrade your mechanical press operations to hydraulics press.

#1. More power, less time

With new hydraulic equipment, you can tap into the full power potential of your machinery at any point in the stroke. Compare that to mechanical presses, which require the operator to set the stroke nut and then change out the dies.

This stopping, adjusting and restarting is labor intensive and interferes with steady workflow. It is time consuming, which can significantly reduce the profit on each job. With hydraulic equipment, all you need to do is change the dies, which is simple and takes far less of the operator’s time.

#2. Free up valuable floor space.

Shop space is one of an owner’s major overhead costs. It is essential to put every square inch to the best possible use. But bulky, cumbersome mechanical presses take up a huge amount of room.
Hydraulic presses in comparison are much more compact, meaning you can often fit in two or more or them into the same space that was occupied by a single mechanical press. This gives you the capacity to take on more jobs and specialty jobs, without renting more space.

#3. One press, multiple uses

Mechanical presses do one thing well. If your project requires several operations, you need to run the material through more than one piece of equipment. This takes time, labor and increases the chances for something to go wrong.

A single hydraulic press, on the other hand, can handle several applications, including straightening, punch, forming and other core machine shop operations. In fact, certain hydraulic presses can form powdered metals, transfer molding, broach and do rubber compression.

When one machine can do a variety of applications, your workflow is streamlined and your workers need to spend less time moving from machine to machine. This results in cost savings on each job.

#4. Tap into the potential of new technology

Computerized presses open your shop up to the potentials of high-speed, precision work. By incorporating electronic control panels into their hydraulic presses, RK Machinery gives you the faster speed and greater flexibility needed to meet the expectations of your customers.

This technology also makes hydraulic presses safer for operators. In fact, RK Machinery prides itself on building safety into the design of each of its presses. Each piece of equipment has pressure release valves, which stop the buildup when the level gets to a specific point.

Are you letting your equipment hold you back from accepting jobs with high-end requirements? Are your mechanical presses slowing down the workflow through your shop? If so, your bottom line is taking a beating. You need hydraulic presses to stay competitive.

Check out the hydraulic presses from Press Mater, manufacturers of a full line right in North America. Our professionals can answer your questions about making the changeover as quickly and economically as possible. Press Master, with decades of experience and a reputation for affordable excellence, is here to help.