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4 Tips to Help Keep Good Workers

October 1, 2018

There’s a big gap in the number of machinists available to fill the need in the U.S. and Canada. The more good workers you retain, the better it will be for your business.

The problem is expected to grow because fewer students are choosing trade school. It’s critical for the health of your shop to retain good workers, as well as attract new ones.

Here are 4 tips to help you create an atmosphere in your business that boosts employee retention.

Make it a Priority: Great Communication

Everyone wants to be heard. In a shop with the emphasis on communication—up and down the ladder, as well as back and forth—people feel respected and trusted. This type of environment also makes it simpler to catch problems earlier and deal quickly with employee dissatisfaction.

What do you need to communicate to workers? A simple “hi” acknowledges their existence, a huge factor in satisfaction rates in bigger shops.

You also need to make it clear what your company goals are. People can’t buy into your overall plans for the future if they don’t know what those are.

Communicate your standards of behavior and work results. Be sure everyone understands the basics, like how to sign up for vacation time, what is required for sick pay, and exactly what benefits you offer.

Create an atmosphere where workers feel comfortable and safe reporting problems with machines, instructions, deadlines, materials and other components of the job cycle.
Listen to their input about the types of benefits they want. Get their opinion about new equipment and training.

Interview Your Current Workers Regularly

A “stay interview” is an effective way to find out what is on the minds of your employees. Many businesses find it far more informative than waiting to conduct an exit interview, done when a worker leaves the company.

This isn’t a performance review. Instead it gives you and your worker a chance to talk one-on-one talk about job satisfaction.

Possible questions you can ask workers in a stay interview include:

  • What type of recognition would you like to see that the company provide?
  • What type of training and chances self-improvement would you use?
  • How can the shop be more flexible in accommodating your needs?
  • What interests and skills do you have that we aren’t making the most of?
  • What one thing would you like to see the company do differently?

The stay interview only works if you really listen to what your workers have to say, and implement their suggestions as much as possible.

Establish a Balance of Skills

Each worker brings a different skill set to the shop. Seldom will you find individuals with both top notch social and technical/mechanical skills. Identify what people shine at and let them do more of it.

If you have areas not covered by the training and natural abilities of your current staff, hire people to balance it out. This reduces burnout, inefficiency and frustration. You need a mix of people to create a balance of capabilities. A good mix prevents worker burnout, especially if you currently have just one or two who know how to do an in-demand task.

Make the most of the talent and expertise of your current workers. Let them apply their aptitudes and skills in new ways. This is a simple way to increase job satisfaction and improve productivity.

Invest in the Tools that Get the Job Done

Even skilled, experienced workers need the right tools to get the job through the shop accurately and on time. Invest in the right machinery and accessories. Your workers will be safer, more energetic and more efficient.

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