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4 Ways a Custom Large Press Increases Your Shop’s Profitability

January 10, 2019

Your customers demand accuracy, quick turnaround and reliability. And one size doesn’t fit all. Hydraulic presses have such a variety of uses from crushing old cars to fabricating parts for airplanes, from making powder to rolling metal into sheets. Can your standard presses handle the type of work your customers request?

A custom large hydraulic press can make it possible for you to accept lucrative jobs that your standard presses can’t handle. When you work with hydraulic press experts to design a custom press, you end up with one that has the capability to handle the exact needs of your customer.

Here are 4 benefits of choosing a customized press for your machine shop.

It’s Reliable

When the hydraulic press is designed with the end result in mind, it delivers precise results over and over again. You can depend on providing your customer with a product that meets his needs time after time. You get consistent, precise results that keeps your customer happy.

Compare that to what happens when you try to adapt a standard press to highly individual specifications on a regular basis. The quality will often be lower. Your machine will have to work harder, increasing downtime and reducing its lifespan.

It Fits

A large hydraulic press takes up a lot of valuable floor space. What happens when you need a specific capability but are cramped for space? The solution is a custom-designed press, created to fit the space available. Experts can fabricate a press that takes into consideration permanent fixtures like posts or the position of other equipment.

When a large press is made to fit the exact space you have, you don’t have to worry about regulations and noncompliance. Your machine shop will be able to get the work done with the space it has, and do it efficiently.

It’s Financially Sensible

A custom press is often the most cost-effective solution for your shop. You reduce maintenance costs and increase its longevity because the press is designed with the requirements of the job in mind.

You also save money because you spend money on the exact features you need, not ones you will seldom use.


It’s Gives Your Shop Flexibility

A custom press can easily handle special types of material. That lets you bid on jobs that other shops must pass on. Your press can accurately and reliably complete the job because it is designed to meet the special needs of your customer.

This type of versatility helps you shop stand out in a crowded marketplace, becoming the go-to place for quality, highly profitable projects. Hate sending one of your customers to another shop because you don’t have the specific machine capability? With a custom press, you’ll be the shop where others send their customers.

Press Master, the Custom Large Press Specialist

For five decades, Press Master has been helping machine shops make money. We are the industry leader when it comes to customizing a hydraulic press to fit your exact needs. Whether it’s a C frame, H frame, shears or press brakes, we have the press and accessories to ensure reliable and accurate work flow.

We offer a complete line of hydraulic presses that are made in North America. Family-owned and operated, we are proud of our reputation for quality presses and related equipment at an affordable price. Our customer service staff are knowledgeable and friendly, determined to go the extra distance to meet your needs. We know that your success makes us successful too.

Our hydraulic presses with a wide range of standard features that make your job easier. We also provide optional features to meet specific requirements. For your customers that have exacting specifications or need a particular material or size, we can customize an existing press or design one from the ground up. Machine shops big and small trust us to create the perfect press for precise requirements.

Call Press Master today to find out how a custom large press can improve your profits.