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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Machine Shop Owners

December 31, 2017

It’s that time of year. Like millions of others, you’re planning to lose weight, exercise more and start a hobby.

Don’t forget your machine shop. As a small shop owner, you wear many hats. Putting out daily fires doesn’t leave a lot of time for long-term goals. The slow period after the holidays is the perfect time for planning and getting the change in motion.

Here are 5 powerful goals to consider, all of them New Year’s resolutions that can make a major impact on the success of your business in 2018.

#1. Upgrade Your Online Visibility

Make sure your website is up-to-date. To get seen by Google, it must be mobile friendly. Did you know that more people search the web on mobile devices like their smartphone or tablet than they do with desktops and laptops?

Have a professional check your website. Is it easy to navigate? If prospects can’t find the information they need quickly, within seconds, they will move on to your competition’s websites.

Do you have a way to collect email contact information? This is Internet gold. You already know the people who give you their email addresses are interested in your machine shop services. Once they give you their contact information, you can follow up with a quick note offering to answer their questions. Keep them interested by sending out a monthly newsletter.


#2. Boost, or Start, Your Social Media Presence

Smart business owners go where their prospective customers congregate. Today, they gather on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. You should be there too.

This is a no-cost way of making an impression on potential clients. In a casual setting, you can answer technical questions, offer suggestions, mention recent jobs you’ve done, and promote yourself and your shop as the solution to their problems.

#3. Get Productive

Putting out daily fires, handling paperwork, dealing with suppliers, getting new business, answering customer queries and complaints, and making production decisions takes most of your time as a business owner. And leaves you with no time to deal with the important issues that ensure long-term growth.

Make time for focused productivity. Consider these tips:

  • Delegate more decision making to hydraulic press operators.
  • Outsource bookkeeping and marketing.
  • Reduce your time on Facebook and playing games on your smartphone. Good apps to try are ClearLock (paid), Forest: Stay focused (free), and QualityTime (free).
  • Make an appointment with yourself and write it down on your calendar. Spend at least 30 minutes once a week to plan and strategize.

#4. Manage Your Cash Flow

No cash flow—no business. Manage it and you’ll sleep better and have the resources to flourish. Find an accountant you trust. Learn from him how to manage your daily income and outgo. Take a class to learn the basics of business money management. It will help you when you talk to your accountant and bank loan officer.

You don’t have to deal with the money nuts and bolts yourself. That’s usually best left to experts. But you are in control of the actions that ensures a positive cash flow.

#5. Research a New Technology

What’s the latest and greatest in hydraulic press technology? What new types of machining are companies requesting? Stay on top of what’s happening in this rapidly changing field. Your competitors certainly are. Don’t get left behind.

Read trade magazines, check out websites, and go to trade shows, exhibits and workshops.

Press Master, Helping You Be Successful

At Press Master, our New Year’s resolution is to find even better ways of helping you and your machine shop succeed. For over four decades, we’ve been an essential part of the success team for thousands of shops.

We are proud of our reputation for technological innovation. We take what’s best in the latest advances and design them into our newest hydraulic presses and accessories.

We are known for cutting-edge technology and innovative hydraulic presses that are versatile, strong and durable. All are designed with worker safety in mind.

Look over our extensive line of C-frame press and H-frame presses, press brakes and hydraulic shears. Our equipment, made in North America, is dependable and high quality.

Need a custom press? We can help. Talk to our knowledgeable reps about what you need. We are experienced in modifying presses to meet your exact requirements.

For a successful 2018, call Press Master today. Our customer service team can answer your questions and help you buy the hydraulic press you need.