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5 Questions To Ask When You Buy Your First Hydraulic Press

January 28, 2022

If your shop does metalworking, you need a press, an expensive piece of equipment. The high cost puts a lot of pressure on the person doing the buying. You want to make sure you get the best press for the money and the press that will meet your needs.

To help you out, here are five questions to ask to ensure the press you end up with matches your requirements and budget.

#1. Mechanical or Hydraulic?

This is actually a no-brainer, but some companies still question the superiority of hydraulic presses. Once you check out the advantages of hydraulic over mechanical presses, the answer is clear:

  • Less expensive to operate
  • The highest amount of power all the way through the entire stroke
  • More flexibility
  • Better control
  • More and better add-on capacities, and at a lower cost
  • Quieter
  • More reliable
  • Less maintenance time and cost
  • More compact


#2. What Products Are You Producing?

You want the most efficient hydraulic press for your shop’s needs. Every shop has specific requirements based on the needs of their customers. Before you approach vendors, get clear about what you want your press to do.

Put together drawings that illustrate the parts that the press will be producing. Bring these to your discussions with hydraulic press vendors. The more specific you are about what you want to produce, the closer the vendor can meet your specifications. For example, a C-frame press is accessible from three sides. More columns result in better distribution of pressure.

#3. What Will You Need It in the Future?

Will you be working with customers requiring a different type of product in the future? If so, can the press you are looking at be upgraded?

What accessories are available for the press? Specific things to look for include:

  • Electronic safety cushions
  • Sliding beds
  • Die cushions
  • Servo-system feedback

The greater the range of accessories, the more options you will have in the future. Upgrading a press with accessories is almost always less expensive than buying a separate press.

#4. What Is Your Budget?

The least expensive press is not always the best deal. Buy the press that has the most capabilities for today and is upgradable for tomorrow. A slightly higher upfront investment is usually the most cost-effective solution.

Work with a manufacturer that has a large line of hydraulic presses. The wider the selection he has, the greater the range of prices to fit your budget.

Another factor is the availability of parts for the press in case repair or replacement is needed. If you have to wait for parts from across the country or from other continent, you will have much longer downtimes.

#5. What Is the Reputation of the Press Maker?

Always work with a manufacturer that is known for taking care of customers for the life of the press. Choose one that has an excellent reputation for quick, helpful customer service.

Choose Press Master Machinery

Over the decades that Press Master has been building hydraulic presses, they have earned a reputation for quality machines and superior customer service. They use standard parts that are available all over North America, no waiting necessary.

Press Master makes an extensive line of H-frame and C-frame presses to fit the needs of all types of machine shops. They can customize any press to meet your exact specifications.

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