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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Machine Shop Website

June 14, 2018

Your website is your online real estate. For the majority of your potential customers, it’s the first contact they have with your business. The better the impression it makes, the more likely it is that prospects will take the next step and contact you.

Here are 5 simple upgrades that will improve the look and feel of your website.

#1. Make it easy to find what they’re looking for

Help your visitors find the information they need. Take a look at your website pages as if you were new to the site. Ask a friend to do the same. Is it clear? Is it easy to navigate?

Put essential information on your home page, where people stop first. Make sure category tabs are easy to stop off to the side or along the top. Common category tabs include About Us, Blog, Contact Us, Testimonials and Portfolio. Actually, Portfolio goes by a lot of names, including Skills or Jobs We’ve Done.

#2. Make your contact info conspicuous

Put your contact information in big, bold, colorful type at the top of every page of your site. Prominently show your company name, phone and email address. You can also include the physical address and the name of a contact person.

Also include a contact form on your website. Put a clickable tab at the top or sides, easy to find.

Be as obvious as possible with this info. After all, the goal of your website is to generate leads.

#3. Post a photo of your shop

Potential clients like to get a look at your shop. It is well worth the investment to have a professional photographer take the photo. You want to highlight the hydraulic presses and other equipment you have.

Can’t afford professional photos? Don’t let them stop you. Take one yourself that you think gives customers an idea of the look and feel of your shop.

Add your own photo and that of press operators. People considering your shop respond to the personal touch.

#4. Add testimonials

Ask your customers, current ones and prior ones, for testimonials. This makes a big impression on potential clients.

Post at least one on the front page. If you have several, also post them on a special testimonial page. Make it easy to find with a category tab on the side or top of the website.

#5. List your shop specialties and abilities

Prospects need to know what your shop is capable of handling. On the home page, let them know the types of hydraulic presses and other machine shop equipment you have.

Make it simple to find this information. Post is prominently on your home page and highlight it by adding a photo of a job you’re proud of.

Get photos of different types of jobs you’ve completed and post them on a Jobs We’ve Done page. Make this a category tab. Clients love to see what you can handle.

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