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7 Uses For a Hydraulic Press

May 31, 2019

Despite its simplicity, a hydraulic press is very versatile and can be used in all kinds of applications. Let’s take a look at 7 of them.

Compacting Food and Other Consumables

Compressed food products are packed using hydraulic presses. Many popular meat and cheese products would not be possible without the use of a hydraulic press. Powdered make up and pills are often compressed using specialized hydraulic presses.

Making Appliances

Hydraulic presses are frequently used when manufacturing appliances. A hydraulic press might be used to create or assemble the electrical parts of a refrigerator, or stamp a panel. Microwaves, dishwashers, and laundry machines all require hydraulic presses for shaping panels and many of them require hydraulic presses for other uses as well.

Manufacturing Electrical Parts

A hydraulic press is often used in the manufacturing of electrical equipment used in major electrical installations. Housings and switches found in switching stations and elsewhere are assembled using a hydraulic press. The thermostats that help keep our houses, and businesses at the correct temperature are often manufactured using a pressing process.

Making Ceramics

Hydraulic presses are used to compress the particulate matter that makes up ceramics into their ceramic form. Ceramics see all sorts of uses; from potent magnets to most forms of industrial manufactured clay product ceramics help make the modern world possible. Ceramics are also used in body armor to keep soldiers and other people in dangerous situations safe. Some super high tech fields like semiconductors really entirely on ceramics.

Manufacturing Car Parts

Many of the parts of automobiles are shaped using hydraulic presses. From clutches, to gear and bearing assemblies, a hydraulic press helps make even the most vital car parts possible. Simpler products like windshield wiper blades are also manufactured using hydraulic presses. Hydraulic presses even see use in more precise manufacturing applications like fuel injection sensors. Hydraulic presses optimize many sorts of forming and stamping operations.

Building Aircraft

Similarly to with cars, the same or analogous parts of aircraft are built using hydraulic presses. In addition to things like windshield wiper blades and gear assemblies even the airplane body panels and wings are built using hydraulic presses.

Military Application

Hydraulic presses are used when loading shells and other ammunition related tasks. Hydraulic shop presses are often located aboard navy ships, or even outside the military in the merchant marines, in case emergency repairs are needed. Every single air force base probably has a hydraulic shop press located somewhere. There are numerous other military applications from making vehicle tires and tracks to fuel cell compression.

Other Applications

Hydraulic presses see use in pretty much every other large scale industry. Pulp and paper manufacturing, wind turbine manufacturing, wood products, and marine and offshore systems all rely on the power of hydraulic presses. Even a hydraulic press manufacturer like PressMaster is likely to use a hydraulic press to stamp a newly manufactured hydraulic press. Hydraulic presses are not limited to large scale industry. Many mechanics, and people in similar professions, have hydraulic shop presses. In pretty much every industry where manufacturing takes place there are c-frame presses or h-frame presses to be found.