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A Buyer’s Guide to the Best Hydraulic Presses

February 10, 2020

Modern-day hydraulic presses are faster, more reliable and versatile. The popularity of hydraulic presses started in the early 1990s when it overtook the use of mechanical presses in production projects. The reason for this was because hydraulic presses are less complicated and are more affordable than mechanical presses. Also, parts of hydraulic presses manufactured by the best companies are durable and easily available thus making it easy to replace. Not to mention, hydraulic presses are effective at doing jobs within their tonnage range.

Getting your hands on the best hydraulic press is not a walk in the park. This isn’t the kind of machine that you can just pick from any manufacturer. You need to find one that meets the needs of your company. To help you out, here is a buyer’s guide to the best hydraulic presses.

First, Determine Your Company or Business’s Needs

What role will a hydraulic press play in your company or business? Answering this question will make it very easy for you to determine the best model, strength, and size of the hydraulic press that suits you. If you intend on buying your first hydraulic press, ensure that you understand its uses and abilities. Don’t forget to share these needs with your manufacturer so that they can help you find the best pick.

Select Your Press Tonnage

If you are switching from a mechanical press to a hydraulic one, the tonnage requirements will remain the same. But if that’s not the case, you need to ask yourself what is the maximum tonnage you might require for any pressing job. As you select your press tonnage, please be informed that most hydraulic presses can be tuned to a lower tonnage.

Research on Which hydraulic press is Best for You

Once you know your business’s need and ideal press tonnage, you can now start exploring the different types that exist. These varying types can handle different tasks. Here is a list of some of the different types of hydraulic presses;

The best type of hydraulic press for your business will depend on the purpose you intend to use it for. Therefore do as much research as possible. Also, consult with a professional manufacturer to help you choose the best type.

Consider Accessories for the hydraulic press

The more accessories a hydraulic press has, the more features it offers you with. Some of the accessories you might want to be installed on your hydraulic press include dwell timers, touch screen controls, pressure reversal hydraulic switches, automatic cycling, light curtains and much more. It is essential for you to consider features that improve the usability and productivity of the machine.

Assess the Overall Performance and Maintenance

The further we go in this guide, the closer you get to find the best hydraulic press. Once you have confirmed all the above, it is now time to assess the overall performance and maintenance of a hydraulic press. You should look at the build of the frame as well as its capacity, the diameter of the cylinder, the horsepower, maximum system pressure, and the speed. You should also inquire about the maintenance of the hydraulic presses. How regular should you service the machine and costs associated with maintenance?

Make an Informed Decision

As you can see above, choosing the perfect hydraulic press requires tons of research and analysis. This is why you need to partner with a professional vendor such as Press Master when shopping for a hydraulic press. We understand the importance of buying the right machine. It’s why we are committed to giving you accurate information, experiences, and reviews. Press Master brings you the best hydraulic presses in the market. We have a variety of presses available for you and we also offer customization services to ensure you succeed in your industry.