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Advanced hydraulic presses, the Danger of Repetitive Strain Injuri

December 4, 2020

Machine shops can be dangerous. Surprisingly, the most common problem is the repetitive strain injury or occupational overuse syndrome. Machine shop workers have one of the highest rates of injury, on a par with meat cutters.

These injuries are painful for employees, both short-term and long-term. They are also a major money drain for owners of machine shops due to time off for healing, hiring new employees, paying for medical care and handling legal suits.

The Problem

According to a story in the Chicago Tribune, 30% to 40% of all worker’s compensation claims are due to injuries to the wrists and hands. The effects are painful and debilitating.

An employee might start by noticing numbness or slight pain in a finger or the wrist. The problem is that most dismiss the symptoms and try to work through the pain, hoping it will go away with time.

Immediate Treatment

But the symptoms seldom disappear. Instead, they get gradually get worse. The pain and the damage to nerves and ligaments lead to major pain and the inability to use the hand, wrist or arm.

As soon as a worker notices the problem, he should contact the company medical department if there is one on site. If not, he should make an appointment with his doctor as soon as possible, within days, not weeks.

Avoiding the Problem

Taking frequent breaks is the first line of defense for injuries due to repetitive use. Workers need to take responsibility for stretching and moving about regularly during the day.

Owners should choose hydraulic presses that are adjustable, so they can meet the physical needs of each worker. Most injuries can be avoided with common sense and a safety program in place.

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