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Advantages of Custom Hydraulic Presses

July 31, 2018

Is It Worthwhile to Invest in a Custom Hydraulic Press? 5 Reasons Owners Say YES

It hurts to turn away machine shop jobs that use unusual materials or have very demanding specifications. As versatile and reliable as standard hydraulic presses are, they often don’t have the functionality to complete specialized projects.

Do you have customers who request unusual specifications? These jobs are often higher paying than conventional shop work. If you want to meet the needs of demanding customers, look into the advantages of custom hydraulic presses.

Not sure if this is the answer? The team at Press Master has been helping machine shop owners just like you with custom requirements for over four decades.

According to our customers, there are 5 main advantages of investing in a custom hydraulic press. Here is a closer look.

#1. You can accept more jobs.

Owners consistently cite one big reason that they chose to spend the extra money for a customized hydraulic press. They want to take on specialized jobs for customers with very precise requirements. These jobs pay well and boost the reputation of the shop.

When the press has been designed and engineered with one specific primary function, you can relax. You can be sure that the custom press can accomplish the job. It won’t break down under the demands of certain types of materials or the accuracy that is required.

You earn a reputation for precision and versatility. You’ll no longer have to send customers to your competition to get the job done.


#2. Your press will fit the exact space you have available.

Every shop has a different physical layout. When you buy a standard hydraulic press, you push it into any available space that will hold it. This isn’t always the perfect location. And sometimes you end up infringing on local building codes. Not good for peace of mind!

When you invest in a custom hydraulic press designed and engineered by the team at Press Master, you end up with a piece of equipment that precisely fills the exact space you choose. For example, if your quarters are already cramped, you’ll end up with a press with the functionality you need in a size that fits seamlessly into the area you have available.


#3. It’s cost-effective.

Standard hydraulic presses are flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of jobs. But sometimes your customers, or people you want as your customers, have very specialized needs. Using a standard press might not produce the results they demand.

With a custom press, you have the exact functionality you need to produce the outcome your customers want. The results are consistently high quality, and the press can do the job dependably and without equipment problems.


#4. You can work with unusual materials.

Hydraulic presses are known for their versatility and handle a wide range of material. But certain atypical materials can be a challenge. With a regular press, your final results might not be precise enough. And the equipment itself might need more frequent repairs.

With a custom press, you don’t have to worry about what will happen when your customer demands a special type of material. Your press has been designed with that material in mind. The result is accurate output and a press that reliably produces job after job.


#5. You get expert guidance from professional press designers.

Not sure what type of press you actually need? Do you wonder if the cost will be too high to justify? When you work with the design team at Press Master, you can rest easy.

You’ll work closely with an experienced designer. He will listen to your needs and show you what a custom hydraulic press can realistically do. You’ll find out exactly how much the customization will cost. In short, you’ll have the data you need to make an informed decision.


Press Master, Successful When You Are

For over four decades, Press Master has been helping owners of machine shops get the job done. We are proud of our reputation for safe, dependable and durable hydraulic presses and accessories.

We are known for the skill of our design team. They can engineer a press that takes the worry out of precise, unusual jobs.

Call Press Master today to find out the advantages of a custom hydraulic press for your shop.