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Avoiding a Pinch—Shop Press Safety

March 29, 2019


The Hydraulic Press - In a Nutshell

The hydraulic press system is an intricate system that makes use of large pistons and hydraulic force in order to exert pressure on heavy materials like metal and steel. These are heavy and immensely powerful machines that allow the users to handle even the most rigid of substances with utmost ease.
These machines, however, are not fully automated and require some degree of manual handling and operation. Hence, it is important that these potentially dangerous and powerful machines be operated and manipulated with immense caution and care. To safeguard the well being of the operators, it is of imperative importance that the following factors be ensured:

Proper Education of the Operator

It is of paramount importance that the operator receives proper information and guidance on the proper usage and operation of these machines. The operators are required to insert the heavy metals and materials into these huge machines in order to change their formation. One of the prerequisites for using the machine or the safety measures that are necessary to take is that the metal or any material that has to be changed in its formation be properly placed in the machine. It is also important that the operator is advised to keep a safe distance from the machine and be careful enough to keep the body parts from being injured from the enormous pressures exerted.
Safety of the Operator

There are safety devices and measures available that allow the operator to be safe while using the machine, by helping to create a physical barrier between the two. These measures have been reinforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) authority and are encouraged to minimize the work injury accidents and emergencies caused by a C Frame Press. The barriers however, must be easily removable too. In the case of an emergency, these barriers have to be immediately removed and put away.

Furthermore, the motors and pulleys, or the machine work of the system must not have any uncovered parts. The operational and running speed of the machine should be kept on the low as well, which makes it easier to handle. These machines are vital for use in the industries like construction, marine, mining and engineering and hence, there is a need for the masses to be educated on the use of these machines on various different levels. The students in the fields like metallurgy and design must be specially trained and informed on how to deal with the machines and how to prevent potential hazards from occurring.