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Blacksmiths Go Modern with the Hydraulic Press

April 29, 2017

You can’t get much more traditional than blacksmithing. It is a craft that has been practiced as long as people have worked with horses.

For centuries hammers and brawn were what changed the shape of the hot metal used in horseshoes and farm equipment. Over time, the smiths had the advantage of technological advances for their machinery, using waterpower, electricity and compressed air. And now it is hydraulic power.

Traditional they are, but modern smithys aren’t content with using the anvil and hammer. Most present-day operations have a hydraulic forging press on the premises.

Tools of the Trade

Smiths have always been proud of their tools. There is a popular story among blacksmiths about King Arthur. His Highness asked artisans why their work was essential in the building of Camelot. He checked with a goldsmith, a stonemason, a tailor and a carpenter.

Then he asked each one where they got their tools. To a man (no women doing these jobs in the Eighth Century), they answered, “The blacksmith.” So King Arthur sent for the blacksmith and asked him, “Where did you get your tools?” With gentle pride, the blacksmith answered, “Sire, I make my own tools. That is my craft.”

Modern day blacksmiths still make many tools, knives and pieces of equipment. Their present day customers expect state-of-the-art quality and precision. That’s why most professional smiths, as well as many blacksmithing hobbyists, rely on a hydraulic forging press to produce their products.

A Wide Variety of Products

Today’s smiths use the internet to find customers, so producing farm and horse related tools and equipment is just a part of what they do. The hydraulic forging press tackles many of the same tasks as a power hammer, but with more control and exactness. This allows the smith to take on more demanding jobs.

Smiths make one-of-a-kind metal crafts, especially knives. The buyers demand accurate measurements and a high level of precision in their knives. The only way a blacksmith can meet these expectations is by using a forging press.

The press also allows the blacksmith to produce dies to create detailed dies for specific shapes. With the press, he can punch eyes in hafted tools like hammers and axes.

These presses are small and easy to store in a corner when not in use. Though compact, they pack a wallop, enlarging the scope of jobs that the blacksmith can complete.

Experience You Can Trust

Just like modern blacksmiths, today’s machine shop owner, also relies on the most advanced machinery, especially H frame Press and C frame hydraulic presses. When you run a shop, you know that the better equipped you are, the wider the range of jobs you can accept and complete.

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