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C-Frame Presses That Have Safety Light Curtains

January 4, 2021

Since the early 1980s,Press Master has worked diligently to provide industries with safe and reliable products that are of the highest quality. As the years have gone by, Press Master has developed the unique ability to offer quality equipment at very affordable rates. While we have done a lot over the years, we still strive to do more. Recently, we have started offering as an option, light curtains on many of our c-frame presses. Doing so has helped make our presses safer and more reliable.


C-Frame Presses What Are They?

If you are not familiar with our c-frame presses, we would like to introduce them to you. Our c-frame hydraulic presses are used in many different industries around the world. They are designed to perform several different functions including drawing, bending, riveting, strengthening, and more.

Our c-frame presses are intelligently controlled with a PLC. This helps make them efficient, easy to control even at high rates of speed, and popular among industry leaders. They also come with a wide range of features that includes a cooler heat exchanger, ram speed control, and automatic cycling just to name a few.


Safety Light Curtains: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Now that you have learned about our c-frame presses, it is time for you to find out the benefits of safety light curtains. These safety devices are designed to keep operators and those around them from getting injured. If the operator comes into contact with the light curtain, the press will shut down to prevent injury.

Light curtains are made up of two different parts, a transmitter head, and a receiver head. The transmitter head sends out a signal to the receiver head which creates an unbroken signal or curtain. As we learned above, when that curtain is broken or interrupted, it will send a signal to the press which shuts it down. C-frame presses that have safety light curtains are much safer than those that only rely on a safety guard system.


The Benefits of Light Curtains

There are many benefits to adding a light curtain to the c-frame press. First and foremost, they add an extra level of safety to the press. C-frame presses that have safety light curtains help reduce injuries due to operator error and can help save lives. Second, light curtains improve productivity. They can replace the need for safety guards which take time to open and close. Light curtains can also be used in a wide range of different applications which makes them highly versatile.