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Can You Crush It with YouTube Marketing?

October 14, 2016

Lauri Vuchensilta is a legend in hydraulic press circles. He started his hydraulic press YouTube channel on a whim. Now he’s making $750 a day with it.

But that’s not the only way a small machine shop can make money using YouTube. Here is a look at Vuchensilta’s success, and two more practical ways you can use the potential of YouTube.

How the Hydraulic Press Makes Money

His channel has hundreds of videos, showing him crushing Lego pieces, an iPhone, a diamond, a game box and even a rubber duck.

About 1.5 million viewers have subscribed to the channel, resulting in 160 million views since October 2015. He makes his money from payouts from YouTube, $2 to $5 for every 1000 views that are considered monetizable.

The channel is pulling in over $270,000 a year with their funny videos.

Can You Make Money on YouTube?

Considering the billion+ monthly views on YouTube, you could probably start your own channel. But a more reliable way to improve your bottom line is by using YouTube to market your small machine shop.

There are two ways to do it:

  • Making helpful, entertaining or promotional videos and uploading them to YouTube
  • Advertising on YouTube

Both can be done successfully with a certain amount of research and a minimum of technical knowhow. YouTube has made it easier with new, free services outlined here.

YouTube Videos

The goal of a successful YouTube video for your machine shop is to grab the attention of a potential customer. To do that, you want to make it entertaining or useful, preferably both.

Hard-sell videos, saying “buy our services” are less successful than relationship-building videos. One type is purely entertaining, that make the prospect laugh, like the Hydraulic Press.

But the more common types of machine shop videos on YouTube educate the prospect. They show the businessperson how to fix a problem. And machine shop products are integral to the solution. But they aren’t pushed as the purpose of the video.

People search he web daily for answers to problems. Identify what types of dilemmas your target audience faces regularly. Can you drill, press, grind, cut, shape or finish something to solve their problem?

You can make a short video outlining the solution. Use tools available through YouTube, Microsoft PowerPoint or record a short video using your smartphone. There are numerous free how-to videos on YouTube. Or check out the YouTube website mentioned above.

YouTube Advertising

According to Forbes, adding videos presenting your company’s ideas and capabilities builds your business a reputation as experts in the field, helping make you a go-to authority for machine shop services. You can do it with an AdWord marketing campaign, paired with a video.

Google, the owner of YouTube, has just launched new methods for a small business owner to create YouTube ads that are free or almost free. The goal is to draw in companies with little expertise and no marketing budget, which is a good description of many small machine shops.

The company has introduced the app YouTube Director, which walks a person through the process of creating an ad and editing it, as part of an AdWords campaign. The site shows you how to choose a template, shoot and edit and advertise.

According to an article in AdWeek, For those who don’t want to make their own videos, the company offers YouTube Director onsite service. It is available in six cities across the country, with more to come. It also offers help for making a video using your logo and other graphics.