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Choosing the Best Forklift Tire Press

July 30, 2021

Forklifts are the workhorses in factories, warehouses and in a range of industrial and construction settings. The weight they carry and the continuous use they get means the tires wear out quickly. That’s why forklift tire care is such a critical aspect of preventive maintenance.

An essential piece of maintenance equipment is the forklift tire press to get the tires on and off the rims. The best press is reliable, safe and easy to operate. That’s why forklift mangers turn to PressMaster when they are ready to buy a new hydraulic forklift tire press

Safety First

At PressMasster, the operator’s safety is always priority #1. Its hydraulic forklift tire press has a low-pressure hydraulic system that keeps the temperature low at all times, making it safer for people using the press. The lower oil temperatures also make this press more efficient and extremely durable.

The operator has full control over cylinder activation and the speed of the press. When he increases lever engagement, the ram movement accelerates.

Features of the PressMaster Tire Press

The hydraulic forklift tire press made by PressMaster has a large cylinder rod that gives this machine high platen stability. It also ensures that the seal lasts for a long time.

The cylinder is double-acting, allowing pressing as well as return. The pressure regulator works to limit ram pressure.

The oil reservoir has a large, six-gallon capacity. As mentioned, the pressure is made for low pressure operation, which ensures greater safety, better dependability and a longer lifespan.

This forklift tire press offers a hydraulic powerlift for vertical displacement of the head assembly, with a full 16-inch travel.

The cylinder activation is simple to control with fingertip operation. The operator has full control over the speed, so he can tailor it to the specifics of each job.

All of the parts used in the PressMaster forklift tire press are industry standard and easy to find all over North America. You don’t have to worry about downtime when waiting for parts to arrive from some far-off source.

Work with Experts

PressMaster has been helping businesses just like yours since the 1960s. Family owned and operated, it proudly sells and distributes quality hydraulic presses such as H-Frame press, C-Frame press, Roll-In Table Hydraulic Press, 4 Post Press, Straightening Press and Broach Press

We have a reputation for skilled customization, modifying your press to exactly fit your needs.

PressMaster distributes hydraulic presses are made in North America. We sell a wide range of C-frame and H-frame presses, hydraulic shears and press brakes.

Our goal is excellent customer service. We welcome your questions and are happy to discuss your specific hydraulic press needs.

Call today to find out more about our forklift tire press and other hydraulic presses that will make your business.