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Common Hydraulic Press Problems and How to Avoid Them

April 30, 2018

Hydraulic Press machines are designed for heavy compression of a variety of objects along with cutting and punching of metal components in specific industrial assembly processes and applications. Modern press machines offer exceptional performance and reliability, which explains their widespread appeal and application in manufacturing. Like all tools, the hydraulic press can become damaged over time through heavy usage. Here are common problems associated with hydraulic press machines and maintenance tips that should help you avoid them.


Leaks hydraulic presses

Oil leaks are the most reported problem with hydraulic presses. If your press is working well, you should not have an oil leak.  Oil leaks can show up on hydraulic lines, hose end fittings and around the ram.  Verify that all fittings are properly tightened and clean of excess oil. Consult your operator’s manual to be sure you are using the specific oil recommended by the machine’s manufacturer.

Hydraulic press Overheating

Another common problem with hydraulic presses is overheating. For optimal performance, your hydraulic press machine should not be running higher than 150° F. Higher temperatures will damage seal compounds and degrade the oil. Make sure to check the fluid level of the hydraulic reservoir and the cooling circuitry of your machine’s heat exchanger.

Slow Pressure Build Up

When working at peak performance, your hydraulic pump should reach its required pressure in about one second.  Pressure buildups of over two seconds may signal a problem with the pump. While checking the pump, verify that the relief valve and motor are working correctly.

Replacing your Press

While regular maintenance will prolong the life of your hydraulic press, over the years, your press will begin to break down despite your best efforts. Clear signs that your machine may have run its course include cracked frames, insufficient pump pressure and regular electrical problems. If ignored, these problems will eventually result in reduced performance from your machine and inconsistent part sizes due to variations in pressure.

Regular maintenance extends the life of your hydraulic press. After years use, a press can wear down and need replacement. With roots firmly planted right here in the U.S., Machinery Values offers a wide range of quality hydraulic presses, hydraulic press breaks and hydraulic shears. Their hydraulic presses are easy to maintain as all electrical, mechanical and hydraulic parts are industry-standard and readily available throughout North America.