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Custom Hydraulic Presses

August 5, 2020

Looking for custom hydraulic presses that create intricate geometries with consistent results?

Press Master is a custom hydraulic press manufacturer that delivers world-class solutions to our partners worldwide. From C Frame Presses to H Frame Presses, we engineer our presses to handle 30 ton to 350 ton capacity.

We build our hydraulic presses from thick plate steel. We weld the pieces together and integrate large pump units to give your machine faster cycle time for improved productivity.

Our team of engineers can build a new press for you and incorporate the features you need. By adopting key features such as crosshead housings, tie rods, and others, we reduce metal fatigue common during operation. This extends the service life of your custom hydraulic press.

Press Master prides itself on building high-efficiency systems using variable flow pumps and speed motors. They aid in reducing power consumption. We also remain focused on building custom hydraulic presses that bring your design ideas to life.

Want to know the ways our engineers can custom build your hydraulic press?

Here is a quick look at our custom hydraulic presses.

Technologically Advanced Hydraulics

At Press Master, we incorporate technologically advanced hydraulic components in all our custom presses. These components include customized hydraulic cylinders capable of handling a tonnage of 5 to 350 tons. We also manufacture custom rod ends, single and double-acting cylinders.

Other components include pressure compensated piston pumps with electronic controls and servo-controlled valves.


Full Range Hydraulic Controls

We know that the right hydraulic controls can improve productivity by making your production line more efficient. It can also give your operators greater precision. That is why our team of engineers include hydraulic controls with every custom-built hydraulic press.

Such controls include auxiliary automation and touchscreen display with a programmable control system. The touchscreen offers access to user menus that enable operators to control the stroke and pressure of the machinery. Operators also have access to vital readings such as pressure, load, and other preset variables.


Hydraulic Safety Features on our Custom Presses

At Press Master, safety is our #1 priority. Our presses are built using robust construction technology and materials. This makes them suitable for handling all applications. They can form intricate geometries from exotic sheet metal materials to titanium alloys.

Our presses can also handle operating temperatures of up to 150 F while creating complex structures. Few manufacturers can build quality presses with the level of customization we offer.


Why Choose Us when looking for a Custom Press

Press Master is proud to deliver custom hydraulic presses that match your requirements and specifications. We offer multiple model variants: roll-in table presses, Broach presses, four-post, and specialty hydraulic presses.

We also fabricate replacement parts for all our custom presses and provide service to extend your press's life. Our products are operator friendly and available at competitive prices.

Ready to have your custom hydraulic press built today?

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