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Eight Commonly Used Industrial Hydraulic Press Types

December 2, 2022
There are many different types of hydraulic shop presses on the industrial market today. Below we will compare and contrast eight different types of presses and their functions. So let’s get stared, shall we?

Eight common industrial hydraulic press types

1. Composite Molding Press: This type of industrial press molds two separate materials in the same pocket by using different transfer and compression molding.
2. Lamination Press: This press type is used to bond very thin materials together using physical pressure. A common industry that uses this type of press is the credit card industry and the printed circuit board industry.
3. C Frame Press: This press which is also referred to as the gap frame hydraulic press has a c shaped design which gives its name. Built with space in mind this press won’t take up much room on the shop floor. Another reason why this press is so widely loved is its ability to handle many different materials such as plastic and rubber.
4. H Frame Press: Designed to resemble the letter H. This hydraulic press can often handle multiple press applications at the same time making it one of the most versatile presses out there. The H Frame Press can be found from 3 tons up to 200 tons.
5. Post Press: A very basic press. The post press is used to support platens as well as the bolster assembly in the forming process. A very common press in many industrial shops today.
6. Vacuum Press: This type of press utilizes a closed work area and will allow the operator to remove gas vapors and air at the time of the forming process. This allows the user complete control over the material pressure and temperature.
7. Compression Molding Press: This hydraulic press is built for just one purpose and that is to compress. This is hands down the most often used type of press in the rubber molding industry. This type of press is famous for its low waste production and is also more cost effective than other press types.
8. Transfer Molding Press: This press uses both compression and injection-molding to get the job done. This highly accurate press can handle tolerances which is perfect for light materials. This press also helps reduce the amount of cure time because it preheats the material during the process. This is another common type of press that you will find in many plastics factories.

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