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Essential Reasons to Invest in a Hydraulic Press

January 10, 2018

Unlikely but true—the modern hydraulic press is hot. Thanks to the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube, getting your own press is trendy. Everyone wants to mash hamburgers, hockey pucks and bowling balls.

For machine shop owners like you, the many capabilities of the hydraulic presses are old hat. And your concerns extend beyond pulverizing stuff for the fun of it. It’s all about business, from drilling to crushing, straightening and molding.

Advanced design makes the latest hydraulic presses more flexible, accurate, safe, and precise. The result is a cost effective machine that gets the job done correctly and on time.

Been putting off investing in a new hydraulic press? Here are 5 critical ways the newest models can streamline production and boost your bottom line.

#1. Versatility

Modern presses can be easily adjusted to accomplish the work your customer demands. Change the tonnage, adjust the pressure, vary the ram speed—all of this is easy for the operator to do.

That means you can get the most out of your machine, streamlining your job production time. Your operator can work more efficiently, you get the most out of your materials, and the cycle time to get it through the shop is reduced. That maximizes profits.

#2. Precision

The newest presses can produce work following precise guidelines, with a high quality finish. They have adjustable power and lateral movement slide control, both of which prevent unbalanced loads and work that isn’t centered correctly.

The result is more accurate work the first time, saving your money and time. You can increase your shop’s efficiency when you buy one of the newest presses.

#3. Advances in Technology

Mechanical presses were marvels in their day, but the latest hydraulic presses vastly surpass them in efficiency and precision. With their computerized dashboards, these presses can be programmed to meet the exact specifications of each job.

Digital technology means your hydraulic press is easy to adjust to meet the most rigorous jobs specs. It produces work that keeps your customers coming back.

#4. Design Options

The modern hydraulic press lets you tackle a wide range of customer requests. Need to perform work requiring low tonnage? A bigger bed press can do the job. Or choose a small bed press, perfect for high tonnage and superior finishes.

Look at the newest presses and check out the range of jobs they handle with ease. From multi-acting to side-acting and down-acting, they can do the job for you.

#5. Cost Effectiveness

Hydraulic presses save you money in several ways:

  • They take up less space than mechanical presses, up to 50 percent less area.
  • Spare parts and accessories are easy to find and quick to install. Maintenance costs are reduced.
  • One press can perform a variety of tasks, like stamping, crushing, bending, molding, forming and drawing.

Work with the Hydraulic Press Experts

Press Master is a leader in the hydraulic press field, and has been for over 40 years. Our focus is helping your shop get the job done—safely, precisely, and on time. When you’re a success, we’re a success.

We design hydraulic presses using the latest technology, with safety built in. Made in North America, our C-frame, H-frame presses, as well as hydraulic shears and press brakes have earned a reputation for innovation, dependability and accuracy.

Need a custom press? We’re experts. We can modify our machines to meet your exact needs. Our customized presses give you greater flexibility to meet the requirements of your customers.

Call Press Master today for the latest in hydraulic press know-how.