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Forklift Tire Press as Part of Routine Maintenance

June 30, 2020

Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press 150 ton Forklifts are the workhorses in factories and warehouses. And their tires are what keeps them moving and lifting. Spending time on tire maintenance assures you of an uninterrupted transfer of goods from one place to another.

Whatever type of tires you use on your forklift, you will need a hydraulic forklift tire press to change them. Your press is one of the essential tools you need to handle routine maintenance on your forklifts.

The Importance of Tires for Your Forklift

The tires are what keep your forklift solidly on the ground, securely lifting and transporting your goods. If your tires are not equipped to handle the weight or if they are in poor condition, you can lose a load and damage an expensive piece of equipment.

Choose the right tires for your needs. There are two basic types:


  • Press-on tires, which are easy to fit but don’t last as long on difficult terrain.
  • Standard tires, which are much like automobile tires.

Determine the load requirements by doing some calculations. You need to know the load demands on each wheel. Choose the tire that moves the load with the lowest inflation pressure.

Does your forklift routinely need to move over rough terrain or dangerous areas? If this is the case, buy a thicker type of tire like a pneumatic tire. If the terrain is mostly even or if much of the work is done indoors, a good choice is a puncture-proof tire, which is usually made from solid rubber. If your work is done only inside, then choose a polyurethane tire.

Keep Them Inflated

The correct air pressure level in each tire will add miles to its useful lifespan and save you money. You will need to replace them much less often.

Check air pressure at least once a month, more often if your tires are getting a rugged workout from the terrain or the weight of the loads. Remember that heat builds up, both from heavy use and from outside temperatures. It can actually add 15 psi to the overall pressure.

Two good points to keep in mind for air pressure maintenance are:


  • Don’t let the air out slowly in order to reduce pressure. This process of bleeding increases the heat buildup.
  • Be sure to cover all valves on your tires with caps in order to stop dirt from getting into them.


Caring for Your Tires

How drivers operate the forklift is a component of maintenance. They shouldn’t spin, start too quickly or brake suddenly. Cornering at high speed is not just unsafe, it is also hard on the tires.

Most tires should not be stored for more than four to six months. If you do need to put them aside, choose a location with little light and a cool temperature. Keep them well away from electric engines in use.

The Importance of the Forklift Tire Press

When it comes time to change your tires, you will need a reliable forklift tire press.

The press separates the tire from its rim, a necessary step when you want to replace a tire. When you install the new tire, you need to be sure that it is attached securely and precisely to the rim of the forklift. That’s what the press does.

Pressmaster has a full line of forklift tire presses. If you have questions about the best one for your needs, give us a call or email us. We’re here to help.