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Forklifts are one of the most used equipment in warehouses

July 2, 2021

Forklifts are one of the most used equipment in warehouses and factories, as well as construction business and industrial settings. With constant use it's no wonder that forklift tires wear out more quickly than most, but proper care should be given so that the machine can continue to work.

Forklift tire replacement will require a forklift tire press to get the tires on and off. However, you mustn't just get any forklift tire press- it must be safe, easy to operate and reliable. Press Master is a renowned name for high quality and new hydraulic forklift tire presses.

Safety is the Number 1 Priority

Press Masster maintains that the top priority in any heavy operation is the user's safety. To this end, the Press Master hydraulic forklift tire press has a low pressure system that maintains a low and comfortable temperature at all times. Low oil temperature also has an added benefit of extending the press' lifetime and making it more efficient.

Tire press operators will have full control over the forklift tire replacement process from start to finish, including the speed and cylinder activation. Ram movement only accelerates when the lever is engaged.


Press Master Tire Press' Greatest Features

Press Masster pays special attention to detail during the creation of the Forklift Tire Press. You can look forward to the following features:

Large Cylinder Rod. The cylinder rod is made bigger to achieve better platen stability. More than that, it forms a better seal which can last longer compared to other tire presses in the market.

Double Acting. You get not just one, but two force mechanisms with the hydraulic forklift tire press. Return and pressing are now doable, and ram pressure is checked via a pressure regulator.

Bigger Oil Reservoir. A larger capacity means the tire press can work for longer and still keep a relatively low operating temperature, thanks to the aforementioned low pressure system.

Hydraulic Powerlift. The tire press boasts full 16 inch travel and a powerlift mechanism to easily displace the head assembly.

Easy to Use. Users can easily control the cylinder activation via fingertip operation.Press Masetr provides total and precise speed control so each job can be done according to plan.

Wide Parts Availability. Press Masster forklift tire press parts are widely available in North America and are industry standard, which means little to no downtime when a part of the press needs to be replaced.

Choose Only The Best Forklift Tire Press

Press Master is a longstanding company that started operating in the 1980's. It's family owned and has helped businesses grow with its quality hydraulic presses.

Those who need custom presses will feel right at home. It's Press Master expertise, which means you can get one modified according to exactly what you need.
Press Master hydraulic presses are made in the North America. You can buy high quality machines, including H-frame and C-frame presses. The top goal is to provide the best products backed by excellent customer service.

For questions or concerns, you can speak to an expert and discuss specifics.