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How to find a quality dealer to help you purchase

December 4, 2018

For most companies, buying expensive machinery doesn’t happen every day. It may have been many years since you purchased your company’s last H-Frame hydraulic press. And you may not even have been part of the company when the C-Frame press was bought many years before. So if you’re in the market to buy a new machine, you may be a little out of touch about the types of machines on the market today, and who to buy your new machine from.

When you’re looking to buy a new hydraulic press, it’s vital that you work with a trustworthy hydraulic-press dealer that offers quality products and good service. Follow these tips to ensure your new machinery dealer makes the grade:

  • Take the time to check out company websites. Look for websites that are current and being regularly updated. Also, ensure the websites are well written and contain information pertinent to your requirements.
  • Trade shows are a great resource for finding dealers in the machine or machines you need. Again, you can begin by searching online for trade-show websites, and then check out the exhibitor lists you find there.
  • Despite the Internet’s effect on magazine publishing as a whole, there are still plenty of trade magazines out there—full of stories about dealers, and dealer ads and listings.
  • Ask other companies in your industry who they deal with. If they have only good things to say about their dealer, chances are you will after working with them, too.

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