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How To Go About Purchasing Your First Hydraulic Press

December 27, 2022

Purchasing your first hydraulic press is a major undertaking. A significant investment and a complicated decision, it can be overwhelming for an owner or manager of a metalworking company.

Here is a look at why most every shop eventually upgrades from mechanical to hydraulic, and how to prepare before purchasing your first hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Over Mechanical

Whether you’re new startup or an established one looking to upgrade, moving from a mechanical to a hydraulic press is in your future. Its numerous advantages can’t be ignored, including:


  • Compact: a major benefit for small, one-person shops, and any firm with limited floor space.
  • Flexible: the operator controls the direction, ram force, duration and speed.
  • Cheaper: the original cost is often lower and its operating costs over time are less expensive.
  • Capacity: if your firm needs a press with larger capacity, the cost is less, and more options are available.
  • Power: throughout the stroke, the hydraulic press delivers full power, not just at the bottom like a mechanical press.
  • Flexible: the hydraulic press can perform several functions, not just one. A single press can handle metal forming, bonding, rubber and plastic compression, wheel forming, and more.

It’s All About Research

The core thing to remember when purchasing your first hydraulic press is to do your research first. Spend time gathering the key data you need before you invest your money.

Applications. What will your hydraulic press be used for? That will determine which machine you buy. As an example, a shop hat needs access from three sides should buy a C-Frame. On the other hand, you get better pressure distribution with more columns.

Specifications. Check your jobs and talk to the operators in your shop. Get clear about the specifications you need with your hydraulic press. Ask questions when talking to vendors. With their many years of hands-on work building presses, their insights are valuable.

Job Drawings. Bring drawings of the parts the press will be fabricating. That way you and the vendor can match the right press to the needs of your shop and customers.

Upgrades and Options. Make sure the press you buy has options available, which makes it more versatile. Look for features like servo-system feedback, die cushions, electronic safety devices and sliding beds. These options and upgrades will help you get the maximum usage out of your new press, now and in the future.

Reputation. Deal with a company with a reputation for durable, high quality hydraulic presses. Find one with excellent customer service, both before and after the sale.

Press Master understands how overwhelming it can be, purchasing your first hydraulic press. The company is known for working closely with each buyer to make sure the machine they purchase is the best match possible.

Hydraulic presses from Press Master are made for steady use and last for years, with regular maintenance. If repairs are needed, parts are easy to find, reducing downtime. Operators appreciate the fact that safety is built-in, right from the design stage.

Purchasing your first hydraulic press? Call the experts at Press Master today for answers to your questions and a free, no-obligation quote.