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Hydraulic Press Models and Their Functions

November 14, 2014

Industrial hydraulic press types and their functions

For many years, industrial manufacturers have relied on hydraulic presses to perform various jobs. Without the power of the hydraulic press our world simply wouldn’t be the same. The power of the hydraulic press is simply unmatched, and allows us to perform jobs that would be impossible without them. Both efficient and dependable, these machines have allowed us to complete some impressive jobs.

Different types of industrial hydraulic press

There are several different types of industrial hydraulic presses. Each type of press can perform unique jobs and each of them are very beneficial to industrial operations. Today we are going to take a look at several different types that are communally used in metal shops, factories and other industrial applications.

The C Frame Press

This common press type is widely used around the world. Used for straighten, drawing, forming, punching and bending. This workhorse can perform a wide range of jobs. These compact presses don’t take up a lot of space but can handle a lot of heavy workload.

The H Frame Press

This is another communally used press and is also called the four-column press. Shaped like the letter H, this press can range from 16 tons up to 176 tons and is used for a wide range of pressure applications. These simple but effective presses are one of the most common of all hydraulic shop presses.

The Arbor Press

Widely used in bearing removal and seating stamping. These presses are normally found in maintenance shops inside of factories and are used in the repair of production equipment.

We can handle all your hydraulic press needs

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