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Hydraulic Roll-In Table Press

February 25, 2022
Choose convenience with your next press. The hydraulic Roll-In Table Press from Press Master has ease of use built in. You get superior performance at the most competitive prices around.
The combination of stationary frame and moveable roll-in table makes this press stable, reliable and versatile. You can handle all types of heavy-duty jobs that come into the shop without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency.
Look at the benefits for your shop and operators.
Loading and unloading. The Roll-In Table press makes loading and unloading parts quick and easy. Your workers can spend more time finishing jobs instead of shifting materials around.
Off-center jobs. The powered movable head makes it possible to handle off-center work with precision and speed.
Vertical displacement. The hydraulic power lift of the head assembly handles vertical displacement.
Fingertip control. The cylinder is controlled with fingertip activation, making it possible for operators to deliver highly detailed results.
Quality Features
Every Press Master hydraulic press, including the Roll-In Table Press, features the highest quality design and parts. It comes with a Baldor motor, known in the industry for its dependability. Its low-speed pump is quiet and durable.
Our presses feature a low-pressure hydraulic system that keeps makes it safer while delivery greater efficiency. Each press comes with a pressure regulator on ram pressure.
Hydraulic Press Safety First
The hydraulic Roll-In Press delivers more than convenience. It is designed from the ground up to be as safe as possible, with a range of security features.
Experienced operators and first-timers can safely operate this press after basic training. You can also choose the optional safety guards and foot pedals.
Buy with Confidence
The hydraulic Roll-In Table Press is made in North America, assuring you of the highest standards in quality and the most competitive prices. All of our presses are made with industry-standard hydraulic parts that are easy to find.
Do you need custom features on your hydraulic press? We can build a press to your exact specifications. All of our presses are totally customizable.
Do you have questions? Would you like a quote? Give us a call. We welcome the chance to talk to you. Since we are based in North America, we can get back to your quickly.
Models available :
Hydraulic Press roll-in table RTP-150
Hydraulic Press roll-in table RTP-250