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Keep Your Factory Forklift Tire Press in Good Shape

September 29, 2022

Keep Your Factory Forklift Tire Press in Good Shape with the Press Master Forklift Tire Press

The forklift is the workhorse in factories, warehouses and many other commercial sites. Always in use, its tires take a beating.

That’s why the Press Master FTP-150 RI Forklift Tire and the FTP-200 RI Forklift Tire Press are one of the most essential pieces of equipment for your business. It makes tire care for your forklifts simple and reliable.

The Hard Life of a Forklift

Forklifts carry heavy loads all day long, often thousands of pounds. This naturally leads to wear and tear, like chips and missing paint, dents and dings, seats that are torn, and worn out tires.

Taken for granted, these workhorses often don’t get the preventive maintenance they need. Instead, operators run them until they simply come to a halt, completely worn out.

The tires on your forklifts sustain constant wear and tear from the weight of loads, debris on your floors and the driving skill, or lack, of operators. It doesn’t matter how smooth the floors, the tires will deteriorate over time.

Even highly durable polyurethane forklift tires eventually wear out, which is why they have a wear line indicator. When the tread reaches that point, the tire needs to be changed.

Keep Your Forklift Safe and Operational

To keep the forklift functional, the tires must be inspected, repaired and replaced regularly. The condition of the tires is what keeps your drivers safe. If they are shredded, uneven or misaligned, the forklift can’t be securely controlled.

Everything from flat spots on the tires to gouges can cause instability. Flat areas make it hard to control the forklift, especially around corners. Gouges or tears in the tires from floor debris lead to unpredictable behavior, reducing the control the driver has.

Make Forklift Tire Maintenance Easy

In North America, over 70% of all forklifts that operate indoors use press-on tires. The right hydraulic tires press can speed up tire work and make it easier to adhere to a preventive maintenance schedule.

The Press Master FTP-200 RI forklift tire press brings 200-ton capacity to the job. Using fingertip control for cylinder activation, it streamlines the job of inspection and replacement.

The hydraulic system for this Press Master model is very low pressure, resulting in lower oil temperatures. This makes it extremely efficient. It has a pressure regulator that limits ram pressure. In addition to making the machine more productive, it allows for safer operation.

Other features include:


  • A large cylinder head for greater platen stability and longer seal life
  • Ability to do pressing as well as return due to the double-acting cylinder
  • High-capacity 6 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
  • Vertical displacement of the head assembly due to the 16 inch travel hydraulic power-lift


Trust Experts

Press Master has over 40 years experience in the art and science of making safe, efficient and durable hydraulic presses. The company can tailor any press to suit the specific needs of each customer.

Press Master has a wide range of hydraulic presses, all made with pride and guaranteed. Call today for more information about our full line of forklift tire presses, C-frame and H-frame hydraulic presses.