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Key to Shop Success: Put the Focus on Customer Service

August 4, 2017

If your customers aren’t happy, you’re in trouble. Keeping current customers takes far less time, effort and money than finding new ones.

Clearly, you need to produce quality items in your machine shop for success. But equally important is how well you treat them. The impression you make on them, how comfortable they feel working with you and how well you meet their needs is what keeps them coming back.

How Much Does Customer Service Matter?

When you keep your customers satisfied, they stay with you for the long haul. That means steady revenue that keeps increasing. According to Forbes, studies show it is much easier to sell to current customers than it is to new ones.

Contented customers tend to recommend your shop to other businesses. This type of word-of-mouth advertising is free and one of the most effective ways to extend your reach. With each recommendation, your reputation for quality and service grows in the local business network and community.

Here are 4 tips to help you deliver excellent customer service.

#1. Make Ordering and Delivery Simple and Reliable

Document the needs of each customer so you have it on file when a re-order comes in. For example, you can include data like routing, setup times, shop rate and cycle times. A system like this makes it simple and quick to enter a new job. When the process is speedy and methodical, your business looks professional.

Deliver products on time, properly packaged, with order information easy to find. To this end, one Chicago shop owner decided to make ordering from him like ordering a book from Amazon, according to an article in Modern Machine Shop.

He concentrated on the packaging of the final product. Now he routinely wraps each finished piece in foam and plastic or corrosion-inhibiting paper. He prominently puts his logo on the shipping label, along with the purchase order number. This makes it simple for customers to see when it arrives at their shipping dock, and which piece is enclosed.

#2. Be Clear About Special Requirements

Ask customers about their particular requirements. For example, they might need fast turnaround or specific materials or sizes. Track these special needs throughout the job cycle, and make sure they are met. When you make life easier for your customers, they stay loyal.

#3. Teach Employees How to Deal with Customers

Be sure that every worker who comes in contact with a customer knows the basics of good customer service. Try to have one contact for each customer or job. This limits the chances for errors and increases customer satisfaction.

#4. Ask for Feedback

Follow up on every job with an email. Ask if the product met their requirements and expectations. Find out how you can improve. It tells your customers that each job is important to you.


Press Master, Where Customers Come First

Press Master knows how important customer service is. For over 40 years, we’ve focused on helping machine shops of all sizes be a success. Your success is our success.

We sell high quality hydraulic presses that are reliable, versatile and safe. Operators know that a hydraulic press from Press Master has been designed from the ground up with safety in mind.

Whether you need a C-frame press, H-Frame Hydraulic Presses, press brakes or hydraulic shears, you can depend on our equipment. We provide superior machines, so you can focus on delivering the best products possible to your own customers.

At Press Master, we have a reputation for innovative and useful customizing work on hydraulic presses. We modify what we sell to meet your particular requirements.

We welcome your questions. Our friendly, informed customer service team is here to help. Call us today to discuss your specific hydraulic press needs.