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Low-cost Hydraulic H-frame Press could be a big mistake.

December 27, 2019

When it comes to the important decision of choosing the hydraulic press that you will ultimately be using in your business, you don’t want to make the mistake that many shop owners make. Saving money on Low cost Hydraulic h-Fram press the front end with a cheap or low-cost hydraulic H-frame press may seem like the route to take; however, you could end up losing a significant amount of money through the process and on the back end. When you consider the money that will be spent on repairs and wasted hours because the machine is not performing up to par, it is easy to see how you could end up losing significantly more money than what was saved on the initial purchase.

Observing Press Quality
Before making any decisions, a significant amount of consideration should be given to the design and construction of the hydraulic press that you are considering. Another area of concern is in the frame construction. If the frame is not seamless and it contains weldments, it is important ensure that those weldments are extremely strong. You should also examine the thickness of the plate to make sure that it will be an ideal fit for the specific type of work that you will be performing.

Frame Weight is Extremely Important
A number of hydraulic press manufacturers are placing a significant amount gravity on creating light weight presses; however, frame weight is a vital aspect that contributes to the stability of the press. The frame needs to be heavy enough to provide stability, and it needs to be strong enough to absorb the force of the cutting action. The difficulty level of locating any replacement parts is something else that is worthy of consideration. Especially when a press will be operated under extreme amounts of pressure, it is very important to determine if the press that is being considered has the capacity to hold up under the pressure. Spending less on a cheaper press may save you money up front; however, there is a good chance that the press will not only up under the pressure of the job.

Slide, Rams and Cylinders

Cheaper hydraulic machine models have a proclivity to move off kilter, which can interrupt the pressing process, resulting in the reduction in productivity. This is why you will need to check the ram, and you should also check to ensure that the machine has the correct cylinder sizes and a smooth slide construction.

Depending on the applications that you will be using the press for, the power of the press, as well as the duration, length and speed of the stroke will play a major role in determining if a machine is the right choice or not. What this means is that choosing a machine that does not have the speed and power capacity to engage a specific job, you will have to allot for time delays in getting that job completed. Simply put, when you purchase what you consider to be a cheaper press, you run the risk of losing significantly more than you initial save. Quality should always be your primary concern.