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Machine Shop Tips—Keeping Your Workers Safe

May 8, 2019

Hydraulic presses, or shop presses, are serious pieces of machinery used in the fabrication processes that take place in a variety of shop and manufacturing plants. Many products that we on a daily basis used the technology of a shop press during its production. Despite what some people might think, these machines are not fully automated and someone will be required to operate them.

Hydraulic machinery can be very dangerous, especially in the hands of an untrained worker. If not used properly accidents or even death can occur. And nobody wants to deal with the aftermath of an incident like that. Read on to and discover some basic tips to get you started off on the right foot:
The shop press operator:
Crucial to the safety and success of your shop floor, hydraulic press operators must receive the proper training and practice needed to operate shop presses before they can begin working with a hydraulic press. The person who inserts metal into the shop press and makes sure everything is positioned correctly before activating the press needs to understand proper procedure and safeguards. When the process is finished, the operator should be the only person allowed to remove the finished piece. This means that while operating the press, it’s mandatory that the operator keeps a safe distance from the machine and is the only person in close proximity. Paying attention is common sense, but often not practiced, so make certain your workers are fully present and not under the influence of alcohol or other substances; or sleep deprived. It’s better to send somebody home than to the hospital.
Safety features for your hydraulic press:
Safety features built in to your equipment will protect your workers from danger by creating a barrier between the press and the operator. However, note that it needs to be quickly removable in case of emergencies. Stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), large numbers of injuries can be avoided if every hydraulic press was fitted with proper safety guards. To protect the operator further, the machine’s motor should have no exposed moving parts or pulleys. Installing the motor up and out of the way also is much safer, and machine controls can be locked away from the die area. Keeping ram speeds low also is a major factor in safety.
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