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Precision Machine Shops—Shop Presses

September 26, 2019
Commonly used in the bending, molding, stamping, or crushing of metal, hydraulic press technology is no stranger to today’s machine shop experts. The versatility and flexibility that comes with hydraulic presses is unmatched. Being able to perform a wide range of production tasks, the shop press is an essential piece of equipment for both repair and machine shops. Shop presses allow for adjustments within each single press; and the power provided by the hydraulic pump is highly adjustable and controllable. This is the highly desired advantage for choosing hydraulic presses for detailing assignments.
When looking for a quality and precision job, keep the following tips in mind:
Quality control
In order to maintain quality and keep wastage at a minimum when using a hydraulic press, stress tests can be performed with the materials being used in order to determine their tensile strength (TS) also known as the ultimate tensile strength (UTS). Before starting a project take the time to research and explore the qualities and properties of the materials and machinery. Ensuring that fragile materials are handled delicately and that shop press settings are properly set for the task at hand is critical. Tensile strength is an important property to explore, as well as a material’s ability to resist heat and the risks associated with welding or corrosion. Quality work means satisfied customers!
Good designs
The compressive strength of a material differs widely between materials. For example, concrete has a higher compressive strength than steel so adjusting your hydraulic press accordingly will ensure you achieve your end goal. Some materials fracture when this point is exceeded, while others become permanently deformed. In order to avoid these mistakes, you need options that support the design and the production process. A shop press is versatile enough to meet such needs.
Tools, materials, and expertise
Investing in a quality shop press is the first step.  Knowing how to properly operate it is the second. Meeting production needs is key to making certain you get good value for the money spent. Stay updated on the latest advancements in hydraulic press technologies by continuous training and learning.
Safe use of machinery
Nobody wants to be in or witness an accident. Take the time to properly train every person in your shop, both on how to operate the tools and machinery they will use, and also how to respond in the event of an emergency. Being prepared usually prevents a large number of mishaps from ever occurring. Make sure the work environment is tidy and free of dangerous areas or objects. Run a tight ship!