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PressMaster Has the Hydraulic Capacities You Need

December 11, 2015

PressMaster offers presses with hydraulic capacities from 25 tons to 350 tons. Whatever your needs, we can help. We are proud of our long reputation for quality as manufacturers of superior hydraulic presses.

Your machine shop is much like the man sitting off to the right. He is holding a 40-lb. cylinder, while sitting on a 4,000-lb. cylinder. Your shop needs small presses and big presses, and here at PressMaster, we have the right press for the right job.

Machine shops all over North America choose us when it is time to get a new press. We offer hydraulic presses that give you versatility and adaptability. Whatever your project, we have the press that will get the job done right the first time.

All our presses are designed with the needs of the operator in mind. We value his safety and his comfort. Our presses are also made with the needs of your bottom line in mind. They are constructed from the highest quality parts, all industry standard. The result is less downtime and more efficiency, dependability and long years of use.

PressMaster makes a full line of hydraulic presses to meet the requirements of busy machine shops just like yours. Because we have such a comprehensive set of hydraulic presses, you can choose the right press to fit the exact needs of your jobs. Don’t worry about fitting the job to the press, instead select that press that fits the job. The result will be faster, steadier workflow and more precise execution.

Here is a look at the models and capacities that we offer.

H Frame Press

From 25 tons to 350 tons, we have the H Frame press you need. Our presses have low-pressure hydraulic systems that are made to keep the oil temperature steady and low enough for optimal operation. Our presses offer efficiency while at the same time being safe, durable and reliable.

All our H Frames have open sides so workers can use long pieces easily and efficiently. With their flat ram nose, they are adaptable to the specific needs of each job. Using low-speed pumps and high-end Baldor motors, they are reliable. Double-acting cylinders, hydraulic power-lift, self-locking tables and large oil reservoirs are designed into each press.

H Frame/Broach Press

Available in 50-ton, 100-ton, 150-ton and 250-ton, our H Frame/Broach presses extend the versatility of the standard H Frame press with the addition of a 12-ton or 20-ton broaching press. It has a powered movable workhead, making it easy to do off-center work. The operators can quickly position the cylinder using just a touch of the level.

Because you get this added versatility, you save space on the shop floor while providing greater functionality. This saves you money as well as space.

Roll-In Table Press

Built around a stationary frame with a movable roll-in table, our Roll-in Table press handles all types of big jobs, using four-axis control. When you need efficiency and precision, this is the press to get.

C Frame Press

We have a full line of C Frame presses, in sizes ranging from 25-ton to 150-ton. With dual controls, they are simple for operators to use in one of two modes, either with the movable pedestal or with the foot pedal. The movable option has a dual electric palm button plus emergency stop.

Pressure regulators and gauges are included on all C Frame presses. This makes is easy and convenient when the operator wants to reduce ram pressure. The adjustable stroke control has both distance reversal and pressure reversal. The adjustable speed control means the ram pressing speed can be quickly adjusted.

Baldor motors, PLC programmable control systems and air-cooled industrial oil coolers come on each model.

Straightening Press

Our Straightening presses can tackle aluminum, copper allow, titanium, stainless steel, steel, steel alloy and carbon steel. The pedestals are easy to adjust for height. All come with Baldor motors and a large oil reservoir, as well as a low-speed pump and pressure regulator.

Forklift Tire Press

Each Forklift Tire press has simple-to-use cylinder activation, letting the operator modify ram movement speeds with the touch of a level. They have a large cylinder rod for platen stability and a regulator for controlling ram pressure. These presses are efficient and long lasting.

Gantry Straightening Press

Our Gantry Straightening press can handle nickel alloys, steels and steel alloys, carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum and more. It offers you versatility and reliability to keep jobs flowing steadily through your shop. It can do post-production adjustments on axels, shafts or rods, and is at home on a variety of metal projects.

Specialty Hydraulic Presses

We can handle your specific needs by designing and manufacturing exactly the press you require for your type of jobs. We are experienced with custom-built hydraulic presses made to fit the precise requirements of your machine shop. Machine shops all over North America trust us to build exactly the press they need.