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Quality & Experience = Hydraulic Presses You Can Depend On

March 30, 2018

Hydraulic presses aren’t cheap. How do you get the most for your investment? Smart machine shop owners look for two big factors when they go hunting for new equipment:

  • A press with a reputation for dependability and durability
  • A dealer with a track record for customer service, innovation and reliability

That’s why so many shops buy presses from Press Master, the hydraulic press specialist. The company, one of the biggest machinery dealers in the world, makes a full range of H-frame and C-frame hydraulic presses, press brakes, and hydraulic shears.

Quality and Safety Built In

To be cost-effective, a hydraulic press needs to run a variety of jobs, and to do it dependably day after day, year after year. That type of quality lets you concentrate on selling and completing jobs in the shop, instead of worrying about repairs and employee downtime.

To be worth the money, the hydraulic press in your shop needs to be straightforward to run and safe for the operator. You don’t want a worker to get injured doing a routine job or maintaining the press.

You can’t afford a piece of machinery that takes too much time to manage and is difficult to control. Those types of presses slow the job cycle through your shop and increase your overhead.

That’s why so many machine shop owners choose Press Master. You can rely on their H-frame and C-frame presses. Each piece of equipment they sell has all the functionality that experienced operators need for precision jobs. At the same time, these presses are easy enough for even newer operators to handle comfortably.

Flexibility and Variety

The presses can transform metals and other materials into all the shapes and sizes you need to you’re your customers happy. Quality is the hallmark of every hydraulic press from Press Master. Safety is part of the design for each machine.

Press Master has a 200,000 square foot facility in Harrison, New Jersey, with a wide selection of presses available for inspection. See H-frame models from 50 to 350 tons, with a variety of valuable features that come standard, including:

  • Low-pressure system that maintains low temperatures, making these presses safer and more efficient
  • Large-bore cylinders that deliver 3,800 psi maximum pressure. That type of lower pressure means better capability and fewer accidents.
  • Parts that are standard in the industry, and easily found throughout North America

C-frame presses come in 20 to 50 ton versions. They have dual controls so workers can use the foot pedal or a moveable pedestal with electric palm buttons and an emergency stop button.

In addition, Press Master offers:

Custom Hydraulic Presses

When a machine shop needs particular features on a hydraulic press, they come to Press Master. The company specializes in customizing presses for your precise needs.

Press Master has years of experience modifying standard presses to meet the exact needs demanded by your customers. Have a project with complicated requirements? Press Master can provide a custom solution, building a shop press from scratch with the exact features you need to get the job done.

Second-Generation Family Run Business

Press Master has been serving machine shops just like yours for over 40 years. The company, family owned and operated, is known for the care that goes into each press and piece of equipment it sells. Safety and customer satisfaction are its priorities.

A member of the Machinery Dealers National Association for a quarter of a century, Press Master takes pride in following a high standard of excellence and ethics. We want you to succeed. Our goal is to offer you the highest quality hydraulic presses, at a competitive price, so you can get jobs done accurately and dependably.

Call us here at Press Master today. We are happy to answer your questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote for hydraulic presses, press brakes and hydraulic shears.