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Save Money, Match Your Press Return To Your Needs

October 21, 2021
The best press return is the one that meets the needs of your specific application. When you find the proper match, you avoid holdups and get the best return for your investment.
Hydraulic presses, like the ones made by Press Master, offer flexibility. The press stroke can be arranged to meet the specific needs of your application. In addition, they allow you to modify the travel of the ram and configure the return for a particular position or force.
The principle behind hydraulic presses is the fact that pressure within a closed system is constant. Hydraulic presses, using the hydraulic cylinder to create compressive force, are able to convert metals into the shapes and dimensions you need for your business.
Your principle goal should be suiting the shop press capability with the needs of your application. Basically, you have two to choose from, though they can be combined if called for by the application.

Return on pressure

Return on pressure is the most frequently used capability for a hydraulic press, and also the most economical. It offers three big advantages:
• flexibility: it has the ability to produce full power at any point in the stroke process
• minimal setup time: it has the capacity to run on the same press dies with a combination of several shut heights and integral stop blocks
• lower cost: it offers absolute repeatability economically

Return on position

Many firms need a hydraulic press that can be directed to stop and return at any position in the stroke process. This makes it more practical than mechanical presses which requires the ram to stroke to the bottom position in every cycle.
To properly match your press with your needs, remember to factor in all the variables:
• speed of the ram
• type of valving employed
• the nature of the work being done

Ease of use

When looking at hydraulic presses, it is also essential that you match how much expertise it takes to run it with the experience level of your press workers.
You get the most versatility if the press has these features:
• it has all the functionality essential for an experienced press operator
• it is easy enough for newer hydraulic shop press operators to learn

Research, Then Invest

Research is essential to finding the correct fit between your needs and the best press for your company’s applications. Presses are expensive. It is worth your investment of time and energy to check out more than one hydraulic press manufacturer.
You will find that the higher the level of performance required, the more the press will cost. But don’t let the price be the sole reason you buy a certain model. For example, a high-end C-frame press may cost more, but meet your needs most efficiently, making it your most cost-effective choice.
You will save money, setup time and frustration by checking out a number of hydraulic presses before choosing the one that best matches both your industrial needs and your equipment budget.