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Second-Rate Machinery Drains Away Profits

April 30, 2016

The pace of a modern machine shop is busy. A steady workflow means profitability. Interrupted workflow means money down the drain. Smart owners know that high quality hydraulic presses, that seldom break down, are the most cost-effective way to run a moneymaking shop.

Reliability and Precision

To keep your customers happy, you need to make your deadlines. But when a press breaks during the middle of a big job, workflow stops. Your customer doesn’t get his job on time. He complains and the word spreads among his network. That’s bad for future business.

You also need to consistently provide your customers with an accurate product. When parts constantly need repair or aren’t in prime condition, you end up with mistakes. That means you eat the cost of work that has to be redone. You have to pay an operator for his time redoing the job. The hydraulic press can’t be used for new orders until the old order is finally out of the shop.

The end result is frustration, headaches and a busted bottom line.

Superior Quality, Not High Cost

Surprisingly, investing in a hydraulic press of the highest possible quality doesn’t have to mean paying the highest price. What it does mean is buying one that is manufactured to the highest standards. Choose a company like PressMaster, makers of superior hydraulic presses for decades.

When you choose the right manufacturer, you know that your press will perform at optimum levels over the long term. Put your trust in the reputation and longevity of the maker of the press, not the cost of the press.

The most expensive press isn’t always the most dependable or the most precise. The best press is made with high caliber parts that are durable and seldom need repairs. They are also made with parts that are locally available. That means less downtime if a fix is needed and for regular maintenance. There is no need to wait around for a part to arrive from across the country.

Why Choose PressMaster?

PressMaster spends money on research and design. The result is a durable press that delivers faithfully and accurately for years. All you need to worry about is standard maintenance.

A number of manufacturers build their presses with a high 700 bar (10 152 PSI) pressure system. They use special parts that are hard to find and expensive. These two conditions together are almost guaranteed to lead to breakdowns and extended downtime.

High pressure is a safety hazard for the operator when the press springs a leak. With the PressMaster low-PSI system, there are fewer leaks and less chance of injury if one does happen. Low pressure is also better for the longevity of your press. All parts for PressMaster hydraulic presses are available locally in North America.

PressMaster provides high quality hydraulic presses at an affordable price. They are experts at custom building presses that suit your exact needs. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote.