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Selecting the Right Filter Media Selection for a Hydraulic Press

March 6, 2020
There are multitudinous variables that must be considered when determining the best filter media for your hydraulic press. There is a common misconception that there is a direct correlation between using a specific filtration media and the attainment of a specific ISO cleanliness classification; however, the truth is that there are a number of other variables that must be considered, including actual flow through filters, particulate ingression, and filter location. Failing to consider all of the variables can lead to poor filtration media selection.

Selection Software

One methodology that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of selection software, such as in PHor, which under the right circumstances can be quite useful in the selection process. This type of software provides the capacity to effectively detect the pressure loss across a specific element, including specific operating parameters. As good as this software can be, it is still immensely important for the operator to have a certain level of expertise in evaluating different variables that may not be detectable by the software.

The Standard Dilemma

Another challenge that operators will run into when attempting to select the right filter media is the use of standard criteria. The problem with using standard criteria is the fact that these criteria cannot take into consideration any of the elements that may be unique to that machine or that shop. Different variances have the capacity to take the press out of a particular standard classification, meaning that the normal standards for determining the right filtration media would not apply.
With both, Standard classification and the use of selection software, variances that may present challenges will have to be engaged using a common rule of thumb, which is normally obtained through experience. This method uses pragmatic and empirical data that is generally obtained through proven historical examples. This data provides the starting point, which may be very different from where the standard classification or the selection software would begin.

Machine Quality

One factor that must always be considered is the quality and condition of the machine. When a machine is manufactured by a hydraulic press manufacturer, such as Press Master, companies can be confident in the level of quality of the machine. Press Master has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic shop presses that rate at the top in quality. However, even presses that are of the highest quality can suffer greatly at the hands of poor maintenance. So, this is something that must be given serious consideration when selecting the filtration media.
When all variables, such as machine quality, element efficiency, maintenance history and environmental influences are considered, it improves the effectiveness of using certain methods, including selection software or standard classification. The key is to refrain from using a cookie cutter approach to services hydraulic presses, because each machine will take on an individual personality over time. This means that individual consideration is warranted.