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Take This Press and …

September 29, 2017

You depend on your hydraulic press to complete the jobs that your clients bring in. It’s hard to imagine a modern machine shop without at least one hydraulic press.

But some days, life is hard. The job specs are confusing, your press operator is sick, your supplier is late, your client is calling every 5 minutes wanting his job.

That’s the time to watch this surprisingly satisfying YouTube video on the Hydraulic Press Channel. One hydraulic press crushes another press, which in turn crushes one more. Gone.


Help for the Rest of Your Stress

The video can bring a sense of relief for a minute or two. But if you are experiencing ongoing stress—and what machine shop owner isn’t—here is a look at 4 important ways you can reduce your level of stress.

Eat clean. Donuts aren’t good breakfast food. Try granola and yogurt with fruit. A hamburger is fine now and then. But also include healthy foods like s smoothie, quick to make and chock full of nutrient-rich ingredients. Reach for an apple instead of a candy bar, at least some of the time.

And don’t forget to eat. As full as your to-do list is, put eating every few hours right at the top. Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables and lean protein throughout the day. Your brain will do a better job focusing and your energy levels will stay high.

Exercise daily. Moving your body keeps you healthy. It improves your blood circulation, which brings oxygen and nutrients to your brain and every organ and tissue in the body.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a couple of hours to spend at the gym. Work in fitness during your day. Get up from your desk and stretch for a minute or two. Check out YouTube videos on yoga, tai chi and stretching moves.

Walk around the parking lot. Have your next meeting while strolling down the sidewalk. You and your co-workers will be able to think better with the blood pumping.

Get restful sleep. Worry kills a good night’s sleep. That’s why the National Sleep Foundation emphasizes the important of a regular routine before bed.

Make sleep a priority. You need your ZZZs if you want to make good decisions during your work day, have the energy to get your tasks done and stay calm during the many emergencies that are standard for a business owner.

Meditate. Set aside 5 minutes to focus on your breathing. It helps your brain relax and reboot. You will come back to your project refreshed and with new perspective.

It doesn’t have to be complex or time-consuming. And the benefits extend throughout the day. Here is a quick how-to guide.


Buy a Dependable Hydraulic Press

As a machine shop owner, you know that when your hydraulic press breaks down, stress is immediate. The cure is buying a reliable hydraulic press from a company that stands behind each of its machines.

For decades, Press Master has been helping shops just like yours become successful. Our extensive line of hydraulic presses is known for durability, ease of use and operator safety.

Parts are easy to find all over North America. You don’t have to worry about downtime while you wait for the right piece to arrive from overseas. You can get the right part, repair the equipment and get back in operation quickly.

We can customize our presses to meet your exact specifications. That makes it easier for you to do precision work and take on specialty jobs from demanding customers.

Call Press Master today for more information about our full range of hydraulic presses and customization options. Reduce stress with a quality Press Master hydraulic press.