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The Best Hydraulic Forklift Tire Press

October 2, 2020
Shop maintenance is step in step with the productivity of your shop as well as the safety and longevity of all your equipment. It also contributes greatly to shop safety and the prevention of accidents. Keeping your workers safe matters a great deal and so does saving money on costly repairs. But when something does need repairing, get it done right, with the right tools!
If you run a large warehouse or operation that relies heavily on the use of forklift machinery, it can make a big difference for you to have some specialized maintenance and repair equipment and tools on site to keep everything moving along smoothly. One key piece of equipment is a hydraulic forklift tire press.
Your forklift is the heart of many of your operations, and the forklift tires bear the brunt of every action performed. It is certain that they will require replacing and repairing at some point, and probably at a time when it is not convenient for you! So make sure you always check your forklift tires before, during and after each shift.
A forklift tire press will allow you to replace your forklift tires quickly and safely. There are a variety of models out there, so be sure to do some research on the best one for your model of forklift.

How to Use a Forklift Press

The forklift tire press’ primary action is to aid in the separation of the tire from the rim. This procedure is important when it comes to replacing your forklift tires. Once the tire is separate from the rim replacing the damaged tire with a new one is next. To guarantee that the replacement tire is perfectly mounted to the rim you need to press it into place. And for this you need a hydraulic forklift tire press!
A hydraulic shop press designed specifically for the purpose of pressing forklift tires can be a huge asset to your shop. It will save you time and money and keep things moving a long at the right speed. They are also easy to use and with a short but thorough training session most anyone can perform the repair.
Pressmaster not only sells a wide variety of hydraulic presses, we also can customize any of our shop presses to meet your exact needs. If you run forklifts in your operations, we’d be happy to supply you with a high quality and affordable hydraulic press that will fit your needs and budget.

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