Manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses

The H Frame-Broach Press from Pressmaster

April 14, 2017


Got a big job to do? Then look no further. We have the machine for you. The H Frame/Broach Press from Pressmaster will do the job right. Combining a 250 ton H-frame, along with a 20 ton broach press; this hydraulic press supplies a 20-inch stroke relevant for broaching and other functions. The work tables are independent of each other; the mechanical and hydraulic parts are made here in North America. H
ere are some of the features for the 250 ton 20 ton broach:
  • Pressing ran action with double-acting cylinder permits pulling
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir with high capacity of 20 gallons
  • Higher efficiency and safer operations
  • Low pressure hydraulic system maintains lower oil temperatures
  • Self locking table design eliminates lateral movement
  • Hydraulic power lift for vertical displacement of the table
  • Pressure regulator limits ram pressure
  • Speed control allows the operator to select speed for the job
  • Quality Baldor motor
  • Open sides allow for easy movement of operator
  • Flat ram nose can be quickly changed or adapted for specific jobs
The shop press and the hydraulic press can be used in home projects such as constructing or repairing metal materials, but mainly they are used in big jobs on the removal and installation of gears, bushings and bearings. Machine shops that do metal working use these tools as well as companies that do equipment repair (tractors, vehicles, large equipment).
As well as a slow mode, once under load with a rapid transfer, the power hydraulic shop press line has a big two speed pump. It has a toggle control as well as manual override switch. For adjustments the pump also has a manual mode.
The cylinder can be rolled left or right by a ball bearing transfer unit; due to the heavy hydraulics this H frame shop press line features. During operation the operator knows the full load on the machine because of the pressure gauge that it has on it. Using the hydraulic cylinder, the lift chairs are included and the powered hydraulic shop presses have a bottom beam that can be lifted. Used to adapt additional tooling, the cylinder head can be unscrewed.
The hydraulic shop press line has models that range from 16 tons to 176 tons. Heavy duty industrial grade hydraulics come automatic with each H frame hydraulic shop press. They offer the power units as well as the manual hydraulic shop presses. Our machines can handle the tonnage of any project. Long lasting and made in North America, Pressmaster shop presses are the standard in the industry.