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The Hydraulic Press as Therapy

April 15, 2016

It’s a bad day at the machine shop. You are stressed and angry. What do you do?

How about place a smaller hydraulic press inside a larger, 100-ton press. Then inside that, put a tinier hand-operated press. But don’t stop there. Put the tiniest of all presses, a cute little plastic one, about the size of the eraser on a pencil, inside that last press.

Then pulverize them all. S-i-g-h. Now that feels better.

If you don’t have the nerve or can’t afford to ruin the presses, you can still get relief. Log into the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube and watch the video, therapy for harried hydraulic press owners and operators everywhere.

Over 1.7 million have watched this particular video. And there are many more to choose from.


The Person Behind the Press

Lauri Vuohensilta, a competitive powerlifter from Finland, is the star of his own YouTube channel. He uses a 100-ton hydraulic press in his family’s small business that makes parts for hydropower plants.

The machine wasn’t getting much use, just two or three times a month. Vuohensilta is a fan of YouTube channels that show things getting broken, like Red Hot Nickel Ball and Will It Bend. So putting his own hydraulic press to good use crushing things was a natural move.

Why does he crush things, other than to keep the equipment in working order? Says Vuohensilta, “I like to crush things for fun and I am also quite curious.”

Worldwide Audience

Vuohensilta has over a half million fans all over the world, a mix of hydraulic press owners and operators and those who wouldn’t know a cylinders and a pump from a bicycle wheel.

They eagerly await his newest crushes. He follows the same routine for each video. He first puts the item onto the press, he tells the camera what it is, then he smashes it.

Sometimes he laughs. At the end he always wishes viewers “a good day.” He seems sincere.

He has crushed Lego parts, a Barbie doll, pineapples, hockey pucks, golf balls, bowling balls, iPhones, alarm clocks, and of course, other presses.

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