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Three Common Hydraulic Press Types and Their Industries

November 27, 2020
In the world of modern day manufacturing and fabrication, the use of hydraulic presses is a common practice. These machines help humans do jobs that we could have never accomplished alone. These presses cut, punch and shape some of the hardest metals and other materials in the world. Today we are going to take a look at some of the most common types of these hydraulic presses, and learn a little more about their functions. We will also look at the industries that these presses serve.

Three Common Industrial Hydraulic Press Types and the Industries That Use Them

1. The C Frame Press. This is a common press type and is often used in the automobile industry. These presses are shaped like the letter C and are used from mild to moderate applications. Often used in the Maintenance department of a factory, this press is used to repair machinery.
2. The H Frame Press. This is another common press type and can be found in many industries including the appliance industry. They are used to press and make parts that go inside of many different types of appliances such as stoves, washing machines, and dryers. This press is driven from the top and can be used to apply pressure to many different materials. The H Frame Press can come in many different sizes from very large to table top models. These are probably the most used hydraulic shop presses in the world.
3. The Channel Press. These are heavy duty presses with a lot of ram force. These presses are often used in the aviation industry for stress testing and other applications that need lots of force.

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