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Use Hydraulic Press Accessories for Safety and Convenience

September 2, 2022
Press Master hydraulic presses are designed and built with the safety of the operator and the people around him in mind. And you can provide additional layers of security with three types of hydraulic press accessories.
These add-ons can also make the work go smoother and more easily, which results in saving time on jobs and producing better products.
Here is a look at how to keep your press safe and make the job easier.
Regular Maintenance
The first step in keeping your workers safe is preventive maintenance of the press. Scheduling time for inspections, routine upkeep and repairs is essential. It also adds years to the life of your expensive press and keeps it in top working condition. That means the work is done quickly and accurately. It also greatly reduces downtime.
Ensure that the maintenance is a priority and gets done by making it an assigned job task. When one person or a team is responsible for the upkeep, the work stands a better chance of being completed in a timely manner.
The next step is checking out three types of hydraulic press accessories that can help with safety. Many shops have discovered that they deliver not just a more secure workplace, they also make work procedures easier.
Safety Guards
There is always the danger that materials that have been pressed can burst from the machinery, causing serious injury. By installing a front safety guard, you stop the projectile before it can hit the operator or someone close by. It gives extra protection to anyone in the pathway of flying materials.
Since metal is one of the most common types of materials used, the injuries they cause can be extremely serious. Investing in a safety guard can prevent a trip to the emergency room and recovery time off the job.
V-blocks help to keep materials that are being processed where they belong. The result is a safer experience for the operator, as well as a better final product. The blocks also allow greater space to work on projects.
 Hydraulic Press Accessories for Safety
It is essential that you choose high quality V-blocks, made by experienced press manufacturers like Press Master. Research companies that you are unfamiliar with. As with any purchase, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
Foot Pedals
When an operator can work hands-free, he has greater freedom of movement while using the press. That’s what foot pedals do. This freedom also means workers can stand back from the machinery if an action requires it.
Foot pedals keep the press strokes continuous, which allows for more control. They also make the work easier on operators since they can use their hands to perform other operations at the same time.
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