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Versatility, the Key to a Profitable Machine Shop

November 1, 2019

You improve the profit potential of your machine shop each time you increase the variety of jobs you can handle. The most effective way of adding versatility to your shop is by investing in custom engineered hydraulic presses.

A customized hydraulic press is designed and built to meet the exact requirements that your customers demand. The right press lets you take on high-end jobs, produce them efficiently, reduce waste, meet deadlines, and keep your customers coming back. At the core of any successful shop are a steady flow of repeat work and positive word-of-mouth.

Press Master, the Custom Press Experts

We have over four decades of experience tailoring hydraulic presses to fit the exact needs of shops just like yours. Need a standard press adapted to a special function? We have a range of options for you. Need a press that is designed from the bottom up to your precise specifications? Our expert design team can handle it.


Types of Custom Engineered Hydraulic Presses

A power modification is one of most requested customizations. You can get power tailored in a variety of ways, including:

  • An array of flow rates to manage advance and retract speeds
  • A range of electro-hydraulic and air-hydraulic units
  • Hydraulic power up to 350 tons
  • Remote auto-cycle

Safety is a major consideration for all shops. You can request light curtains, proximity sensors and anti-tiedown buttons.

Operators can manage workflow and job outcomes better with the right controls. Tailor your press with a touchscreen, data output, traceability, PLC control or auxiliary automation. Controls can provide a stroke readout, load and pressure data, even tool part numbers and specific unit display.

Custom automation is available and the ability to load parts, as well as actuations for automatic adjustment and movement of your press.

You can choose sensors, including load cell sensors, pressure sensors, pressure switches and limit switches, and stroke sensors.

To accomplish specific jobs efficiently, you need the proper hydraulic cylinder. Press Master offers specialized tonnage from 5 to 350 tons, stroke ranging, rod ends and both single- and double-acting cylinders.

When you configure your hydraulic press to meet exact needs, the result is more precise outcomes, less wasted material and speedier workflow. Here are a few of the specialized configurations that Press Master can provide:

  • Spring compression to preload shock
  • Daylight, vertical and horizontal
  • Cylinders on both upper and lower bolsters to handle swaging applications
  • A range of heights
  • Vertical presses
  • Horizontal presses

That’s an overview of the most common requests we get for custom engineered hydraulic presses. Do you have a specific need not mentioned? We can handle it! With more than 40 years of experience, we have the practical know-how and innovation chops to engineer a press that meets your precise needs.


Press Master, We Can Help With Your Custom Hydraulic Press

Helping you succeed it at the heart of our business. We take pride in our reputation for excellent customer service and quick, professional support. Our focus is keeping your competitive and profitable by producing hydraulic presses that get the job done.

Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to produce a reliable, versatile, durable hydraulic press that helps you attract and retain customers.

Call Press Master today to find out more about custom engineered hydraulic presses.