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What to Consider When Choosing a Hydraulic Straightening Press

April 2, 2019

Even though gantry presses have been used for years, nowadays, they offer more than just straightening metals. Therefore, if you choose the right hydraulic straightening press, working on large metal tasks can be easier and faster thus saving you a lot of money and time. It is very important to invest in a good hydraulic press to guarantee smooth production. However, choosing a hydraulic straightening press is not an easy process for most people especially those who don’t know what they are looking for. As a result, this article will help you determine the factors you need to consider when choosing a hydraulic straightening press:

I. Your operators

Your employees play a big role when it comes to production and you should consider them before investing in a hydraulic press. Considering the design of the press and how the design can benefit the operators should be your priority. For instance, if the press is operating fast, the number of hours needed to complete a certain task will reduce significantly. This means that the employees can complete bigger projects in a short time frame without getting tired or being overworked. When considering the press to invest in, consider buying a press that has optional features which can make work easy and fun e.g. comfortable pedestals or a touch tip controlled activation.


II. Safety

Operator safety should also be a priority because you need your employees to be safe for smooth production. Therefore, choosing a gantry hydraulic press that runs on low temperature is recommended because they provide safe working conditions. In addition, since they are working on low temperatures, these presses do not breakdown regularly thus saves you regular repair and maintenance costs. A press that has a durable frame is safer because weak welding and frames can cause cracks which will result in high repair costs. Finally, to ensure your operators are safe, choose hydraulic presses whose keypads and levers are easy to reach.

III. Various Metals

Nowadays, most hydraulic presses can be used to press different types of metals including stainless steel and titanium. However, some specialty metalworking shops prefer using one type of metal only. Therefore, they prefer using a hydraulic press that specializes in a particular type of metals. Nevertheless, if you work with various metals, you need to choose a hydraulic press that can multitask to save time and money. If you have precision, you will eventually produce less scrap metal thus increasing your profits significantly.

IV. Taking on a heavy load

If you will be working on heavy-duty metal projects, you need hydraulic presses that are larger in size. With such presses on site, you can work on a wide range of projects because heavy-duty projects will not be a headache to take and complete. For instance, investing in a 100-ton gantry press can be costly at first because it can take on a heavy load but with time you will get profitable returns worth the investment. Small metal shops that do not have heavy duty hydraulic presses could grow faster if they take larger, heavy-duty projects.

If you are planning to invest in metalworking business, consider buying reliable hydraulic presses like gantry straightening press to increase your profit returns, save time and provide safe working conditions to your employees. Finally, when you get ahead of the metalworking business, you will invest in reliable presses that will help you save a great deal of money and time.