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What You Need to Know About Hydraulic Presses and Testing in Welding Application

March 12, 2019

Destructive testing practice is a method used to test the durability of a weld is by exposing it to extreme conditions. This method is mainly used to test the skills of welding students to ensure they have learned and mastered the art and welding skills. When testing a welded component, the main objective is to push it to its physical limits to know whether it can be able to withstand the pressure. After destruction occurs, the metal pieces are collected and then analyzed thoroughly to determine the quality of the weld. When a welded component is exposed to extreme conditions, it is easy to tell whether the component is of high quality and reliable. Here are some of the signs that can help you know whether the weld of high quality and it was not done correctly:

  • Lack of fusion
  • Porousness
  • Poor fusion and
  • Poor ductility – this is the property of a metal that allows it to be hammered thin
Since destructive testing has guaranteed results, the test can be used to show the quality of the welder and consequently conduct welding qualification procedure or test the certification of the welder. Some of the advantages of using destructive testing include:

  • The method is highly economical
  • The tests are easy
  • To analyze and interpret the results using this method is easy
Normally, there are 4 methods of destructive testing that are used in machine shops. The methods are:

i. Compression testing – this method analyzes the elasticity and compressive strength of a weld
ii. Bend testing – it is used to test ductility
iii. Tensile testing – this method is used to test maximum elongation and rate the strength of a weld
iv. The Nick break testing method – the test evaluates the fusion at the joints of the welds as well as the ductility of the welds
Since you have different methods of testing welds, the part of the weld you’re assessing determine the method you will choose. This is important because you will know the places where there are weaknesses before you embark on the process of removing them to have the perfect results. In addition, as you gather and collect lots of data, you will be in a position to create high-quality welds because you will know the weaknesses to avoid. If you have numerous welders, you will be able to know their weaknesses and rectify them in time to help you produce high-quality welds.
The hydraulic press is an ideal method that you can use in destructive testing and get reliable results. Press Master is a North American manufacturer for more than three decades and has been building high-quality C Frame and H-Frame presses. Therefore, we have been in the welding business for a long period of time to know what you really want and how we can avoid making welding mistakes. If you have any inquiries or clarifications, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you in any way possible.